How to Improve Call Center Productivity With the Right Furniture and Design

How to Improve Call Center Productivity With the Right Furniture and Design

Call centers offer essential services to customers and clients. Whether they need to access their accounts or troubleshoot errors, how well and efficiently your operators handle problems can impact customer satisfaction and retention with your company.

Call center design and productivity go together. Considering your design and layout choices can help you reach your desired productivity level when you want to provide more substantial call center services.

How to Improve Call Center Productivity With Office Furniture

How do you design a call center for high productivity? Office planning and furnishing require careful consideration and decisive choices. Understanding what furniture decisions best impact employee productivity in office settings can help you design a call center that optimizes your goals.

1. Optimize Health and Comfort

Comfort and health correlate to your call center’s productivity. When you offer comfortable office solutions, employees will stay at their desks longer, allowing them to help more customers and increase overall productivity. The furniture you choose can help support employee comfort and needs, ensuring they enjoy their time at their desks. Comfier furniture can benefit the back and neck, reducing employee absences for pain and doctor’s appointments.

Some ways you can boost call center comfort and health with furniture include:

  • Ergonomic chairs: Ergonomic furniture supports healthy posture and movement patterns. While many employees invest in ergonomic accessories like mice and keyboards, ergonomic chair solutions often include adjustable neck, lumbar and armrest features. Employees can better maintain healthy postures and positions throughout the workday.
  • Standing desks: While ergonomic chairs can make sitting more comfortable, many employees still want the opportunity to stretch their legs. Standing desks allow call center workers to stay at their desks while reducing the time they spend sitting each shift. Whether they want to meet a fitness goal or increase their movement, standing desks can offer employees the flexibility they need.
  • Adjustable monitors and laptop stands: Neck safety is essential for all office work, including call center duties. Adjustable monitors allow employees to set their screens at eye level, so they can sit in a way that supports good posture. If your employees use laptops, laptop stands can bring screens higher.

If you’re determining how to boost productivity in the call center, your furniture’s quality and health benefits can create a better work environment.

2. Enhance Storage

Your storage solutions can increase operations in your call centers in many ways. Suitable storage options can increase organization across your office, allowing employees to find essential documents and information quicker, so they can return to answering calls and providing solutions to customers. Personal storage, like filing cabinets and desk drawers, can reduce clutter around individual workstations. Clean, organized work spaces help reduce stress for a more efficient, comfortable work environment.

3. Consider Flexibility

Like standing desks, furniture that changes can help when your employees accommodate different needs throughout the day. Many standing desks rise from sitting to standing positions to accommodate various heights and offer seated options. Other flexible solutions might include temporary barriers to create individual workstations when needed. Adjustable chairs allow employees to shape seating options to their bodies.

Flexible furniture can prevent employees from getting distracted by providing them with all the tools they need at their desks, promoting your call center productivity.

4 Office Design Tips to Boost Productivity

While furniture can greatly influence daily call center operations, you can also impact how well your employees function through general design choices. From lighting to color choices, every design decision has the capacity to support your call center’s growth.

1. Implement Natural Lighting

Implement Natural Lighting

Natural lighting solutions can create a healthier, more efficient call center. Many fluorescent lighting options cause headaches, migraines and eye strain, making it challenging for employees to focus and stay productive in offices. When designing and planning your call center, use natural light options, like windows and skylights, to bring more sunlight into workspaces. Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is a great way to mimic natural light to maintain consistent and reliable visibility and optimize productivity.

2. Reduce Noise

Call centers are hubs of activity, but a solid design can decrease auditory distractions. Consider implementing cubical structures to keep some of the noise from call center conversations within individual workspaces. Carpeting and other large furniture items like plants can help absorb sounds while building your office’s aesthetic. Acoustic panels along the walls and ceilings can isolate sounds, allowing employees to hear more clearly and reduce distractions for productivity.

Especially when employees must communicate clearly with your customers, noise reduction can also boost customer satisfaction with your provided services.

3. Add to Break Rooms

Being able to take a break is essential in creating a productive environment and valuable call center for customers. When employees have somewhere they can process their days and interact with co-workers, they can focus better when they return to customer calls. Your break rooms should support employee needs with amenities like microwaves and refrigerators, comfortable lounge furniture and open areas to gather.

If your call center has the room, you can provide an enhanced break room experience by offering multiple spaces. For example, you might have rooms dedicated to eating, resting and socializing. Separating these areas can allow employees to seek the recovery method they need to refresh entirely with more productive breaks.

4. Set a Supporting Color Scheme

Even the smallest details can increase employee productivity and efficiency in call centers. When designing an office space with productivity in mind, the colors you choose to decorate can impact people’s feelings in their work areas. You can implement color in several ways, from furniture and wall colors to LED light fixtures.

Blue is a calming color that can help employees concentrate on tasks and easily handle customer interactions. Yellow is energizing, keeping them alert and ready, making it great as an accent color throughout your office. Green connects people to nature, further bringing calmness and balance to your office. Other bright and overpowering colors can distract or agitate, disrupting your employees’ workflows.

Design Your Call Center for Higher Productivity With Arnold’s Office Furniture

Design Your Call Center

With so many design elements to consider when improving efficiency, Arnold’s Office Furniture can help you plan and implement furniture and design solutions. Our office design services offer comprehensive support throughout the entire design process, from determining the most functional layout to selecting specific pieces of furniture. Our designers will keep your efficiency and productivity goals in mind when making suggestions to guide you toward a call center solution.

Further, Arnold’s Office Furniture offers an extensive collection of call center cubicles. This furniture option has many features, like varying partition heights, desk sizes and storage solutions to optimize your functionality, efficiency and organization. These solutions make it easy to plan call center layouts and determine an office flow that best suits your company and its needs.

Request a quote today and discover how Arnold’s Office Furniture and our design teams can help you create a more productive call center.

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