10 Best Executive Desks for 2022

Searching for the best executive desk for your office? You’ve come to the right place. Arnold’s Office Furniture supplies high-quality furniture for all office spaces.

1. Sunline EY Executive Desk

The Sunline EY Executive Desk is part of a limited series only available at Arnold’s Office Furniture. This large desk comes in many different finishes, has plenty of storage space and offers multiple sizes.

2. EH Executive Desk

Create a modern atmosphere with our EH Executive Desk. This desk comes in multiple sizes and has accessible side cabinets for storage. 

3. Status Executive Desk

Our Status Executive Desk is full of helpful features. You get access to hidden cable management and two hidden wire boxes to keep your cords at bay. 
The best executive desk for 2021

4. Sunline LZ Executive Desk I

The Sunline LZ Executive Desk I is available in various colors to match your office perfectly. This model also comes in different sizes to fit numerous spaces. 

5. Leading Executive Desk

The T-shaped Leading Executive Desk has everything you need in one convenient package. A wireless charger, storage space, extra room and a smart cabinet lock are all included. 

6. Sirius Executive Desk

If you want the option to stand at work, the Sirius Executive Desk has an electric lift for conversion into a standing desk. This desk also has CPU and storage space below the desktop.

7. Lipa Executive Desk

The Lipa Executive Desk is a smaller option with a three-drawer cabinet for storage. The curved design is aesthetically pleasing and easy to work on.

8. Sunline MN Executive Desk

Our Sunline MN Executive Desk is only available at Arnold’s. This modern desk is built with quality materials, has a leather cover and provides multiple worksurface options. 

9. Newport Cherry L-Shape Bow Front Desk

If you want a classic desk for your executive workspace, the Newport Cherry L-Shape Bow Front Desk is right for you. This scratch-resistant desk is simple yet chic and has plenty of flat surface and storage space for all your supplies. 

10. Aulenti Executive Desk

Our Aulenti Executive Desk has a functional and stylish design with an eye-catching walnut wood finish. This wooden desk has plenty of storage and an integrated wire box for easy cable management.

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