What Are Office Cubicles Made Of?  

What Are Office Cubicles Made Of?  

Your office furniture should reflect the positive work environment you want in your office. With the help of Sunline cubicles, you can design your office space with numerous panel types and colors for a unique and appealing office design.

What Are the Different Types of Cubicle Panels?

There are multiple cubicle panel options that offer increased privacy, open sightlines and reduced noise levels. Sunline cubicles from Arnold’s Office Furniture come with three panel options:

  • Tile panels: This is the standard cubicle wall. You can also order these panels in wood laminate.
  • Fabric panels: These walls come coated in a fabric of your color choice. Don’t want your cubicles to be all one color? Add a line of unique panels to foster creativity.
  • Glass panels: The glass panels allow for more light and an improved viewing area.

Sunline products offer versatile materials to cater to your specific needs. You can have all glass panels or give your employees a bit of color. Any panel you choose fits into the cubicle’s metal framing. Change and rearrange your cubicles with ease.

What Differentiates Arnold’s Sunline Office Cubicles From Others?

Here at Arnold’s, we offer Sunline cubicles to improve your office’s functionality. Our Sunline cubicles are affordable and come with numerous additions you can use to make them your own. Whether you want them with high or low walls, doors or windows, we can help. Some of our most popular Sunline cubicle options include:

  • Sunline Sliding cubicle: Our Sunline sliding cubicles are transportable. We offer several footprints and heights to accommodate any office space.
  • Build Your Own cubicle: Your cubicle can be whatever you want it to be. If you don’t see one listed that fits your preferences, we can help you design your own cubicle. Customize height, footprint and color in a way that makes sense for your business.

Design Your Cubicle Systems With Arnold’s Office Furniture

Choose Arnold’s Office Furniture for customizable Sunline cubicles. We have over 20 Sunline Sliding cubicle systems to choose from, or feel free to use our Build-a-Cube tool to make your own. Arnold’s also carries all of the other office furniture you might need, ranging from chairs to reception desks.

Our team is standing by to help you redesign your office space and create a layout you love. We’re based in Pennsylvania, but we deliver and install products all over the country. Browse our Sunline cubicle selection to start your new design experience today.

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