Ultimate Cubicle Manufacturer Guide


If you need information on cubicles, then you need to know which companies are the best cubicle manufacturers around. The trick, of course, is identifying which ones are best — preferably without spending the whole day noodling around on the internet trying to figure out which ones are worth doing business with. We made it easy for you to find your next manufacturer and get to work instead of researching.

Curious about the best manufacturers in the industry? Look no further. Below, you’ll find the definitive reference guide for parts, service, and support for all the top cubicle manufacturers. We only support trusted companies, and we want to share our favorites with you to help your operation run smoothly. Find out more and get in touch with questions. 

Our Preferred Office Cubicle Manufacturers 

Our premier manufacturing brands are: 


Arnold’s Office Furniture is the only supplier of Sunline cubicles and office supplies. Sunline manufactures modern, flexible cubicles that fit any office space. These affordable workstations are a fraction of the price of competitor brands, and they consist of high-quality materials. 


Clover develops sleek and modern office solutions. Since 1998, Clover has been providing a variety of office furniture such as cubicles, chairs, meeting tables and reception furniture.

Top Office Cubicle Manufacturers 

Our preferred international and USA cubicle manufacturers are:

Allsteel Office Furniture

Allsteel designs architectural furnishings for your office and other spaces. If you want sleek, modern options, Allsteel can help. 

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc.

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. supplies electronic storage devices, charging stations and hubs. Find convenient electronic supplies for the entire office. 

Girsberger AG

Girsberger is a 100% climate-neutral company that creates functional and affordable office furniture. 

Global Furniture Group

Global Furniture Group creates modernized furniture for the entire office. They also provide furniture for healthcare and educational settings.


Gunlocke makes office desks, tables and seating with a focus on sustainability. They also offer a range of colors and aesthetics.

Haworth, Inc.

Haworth, Inc. creates comfortable solutions for any space. Find comfortable office furniture that follows Haworth’s ideology of making furniture to fit our lifestyles — not the other way around. 

Herman Miller

Herman Miller has bright and unique modern office supplies to spruce up your interior with attractive, eye-catching office furniture. 


HON creates products to facilitate a better workspace and work life. Find desks, chairs, filing supplies and spaces. 


Knoll makes modern as comfortable as it can be. Find modern comforts including desks, tables and chairs for offices and company spaces. 

Landscape Forms Inc.

Discover sleek outdoor furnishings like bike racks, shelters, sunshades and more from Landscape Forms Inc. They have outdoor solutions for year-long comfort and accessibility. 

Paoli, Inc.

Paoli, Inc. sells modern business furniture to companies of all sizes. They create complementary accent pieces for your space as well. 

Skutchi Designs, Inc.

Skutchi Designs, Inc. creates a wide variety of products, including acoustical solutions, furniture and custom designs. They can tackle every part of your office. 

Spacesaver Group

Spacesaver Group is a one-stop shop for industrial storage solutions. They have all the supplies you need for storing inventory and other materials. 

Steelcase (NYSE: SCS)

Steelcase has locations all over the map to reach your business. If you need manufacturing across the U.S., Steelcase can help. 


Tennsco has provided storage solutions for over 50 years. If you need cabinets or other filing equipment, Tennsco can help. 

USM Modular Furniture

Find a complete range of office supplies and equipment, including tables, storage, shelving and more, with USM Modular Furniture.


Virco designs furniture for classroom use. They create sturdy desks, tables, chairs and storage spaces. 

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Finding a cubicle manufacturer in the USA should be simple. That’s why we give you the information you need to get started. We are here to improve your office space and create an ideal work environment. 

Arnold’s is here to help you at any time. We have over 90 years of experience in furnishing offices of all sizes. If you want to learn more about our Sunline cubicles and available office furnishings, contact us online today.