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How to Assemble Modular Office Cubicles

The maze of cubicles at your office isn’t nearly as complicated to assemble as it is to walk through. (Seriously, how many times have you wound your way back to the break room for some Snickers action only to forget which delectable candy bar you were craving en route because you had to use all your brainpower to remember how to get to the break room in the first place?)

In fact, building functional workspace for your entire office is probably easier than assembling that bookcase you just bought from Ikea (what the heck is a Linnarp, anyway?).

There are four basic types of wall configurations you’ll assemble to create your workstations: Connecting panels end-to-end to create a wall lengthwise, connecting two panels perpendicularly to create corners, connecting three or more panels together in a T-shape, and connecting four panels in a cross-shape. Master these configurations, and you’ve mastered cubicle construction. Read on.

What You’ll Need*

– Cubicle panels
– Straight panel connectors
– T-shaped connectors
– Corner connectors
– Four-way or star-shaped connectors
– A friend

*Supplies might vary depending on the type of cubicles you purchase.


1. There are a variety of ways you can set up cubicle walls, so first, create a diagram for how you want to lay out your office. This will act as a map for how you will place your panels. If you need help creating a configuration, plenty of companies offer space planning and design services.

2. Stand two cubicle panels next to each other. The panels should have grooves at the tops and bottoms. Snap a straight panel connector into each of the grooves to join the panels. Continue joining panels to create a wall according to your diagram.

3. Create a corner by standing two panels next to each other at a 90-degree angle (here’s where a friend might be useful). Use a corner connector at the tops and bottoms to secure the two panels.

4. To create a T-shaped partition, place the end of one panel to the side of one wall of panels. Put the T-shaped (or three-way) connectors into the grooves at the tops and bottoms of the panels, snapping them into place.

5. Create a four-way connection by standing the ends of four panels in a cross-shaped. Use your four-way (or star-shaped) connectors to secure the four panels at the tops and the bottom.

6. Use the basic panel constructions in various combinations to create the layout you’re seeking. To create the traditional four-sided cubicle, place a right-angle section against the shorter side of a T-shaped section. Be sure to leave an open space for the cubicle’s entrance.

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