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The 10 Coolest Google Employee Cubes

Google is the granddaddy of super-cool internet companies, so it makes sense that their office cubicles are slightly more awesome than the usual gray burlap and thumbtacks decor. After all, creative employees = tricked out cubes, as we’ve seen before. Most impressive, though, are the cube features that Google provides before its employees ever set foot on campus. Here’s what you can expect if you’re working for Google at one of their offices around the world:

10. Just Your Standard-Issue Office Equipment


Everything’s accounted for: keyboard, mouse, monitor, phone … lava lamp. At Google, even the most basic office cubicle is a little bit cooler than most.

9. The Wonder Ball Goes Round and Round


Even reception is fun at Google. Also helpful for receptionists who want to work out their core while they greet guests.

8. Proof That Google Can Tell the Future


Sure, those are probably just plain old glass paperweights. But let’s pretend they’re crystal balls. All those Google Doodles have to come from somewhere, you know.

7. This Must Be the Executive Lounge


You can tell because all the elements are present: bouncy balls, crystal balls, and a super-cool massage chair. If you add a lava lamp, it miraculously transforms from employee lounge to the CEO’s office.

6. Mr. Happy Balloon Head


This is cool, but also slightly disconcerting. And it’s another good reason not to work twelve hour days: At about hour eleven, this guy starts talking to you.

5. If You’re Bad, the Tubes Expel You Into the Parking Lot


On the one hand, the open office design means that employees can collaborate with greater ease. On the other OH MY GOD, THE TUBES, THE TUBES, THEY’RE EATING MY HEAD.

4. Sometimes You Eat the Bear…


…and sometimes the bear stares at you creepily as you try to work.

3. Cube Life on the Ice Planet of Hoth


They look like igloos, but these cubes are really more like tents. The padded walls diminish sound and also probably make employees whether they’re actually employees at will or involuntary guests.

2. In a Pineapple, Under the Sea


Employees at Google Zurich make like Spongebob Squarepants in their groovy pineapple-shaped cubes.

1. Double Google All the Way Across the Sky


Also from Google Zurich, these ski lift/hot air balloon pods blur the line between vacation and work time such that many Googlers probably can’t tell which is which anymore.

Image credits: 1., 2. Si1very’s Flickr stream, 3., 4. InformationWeek, 5., 6., 7-10. Si1very’s Flickr stream

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