5 Types of Office Design (And What They Say About Your Business)

Office design is something every company has to address, and the style you choose can ultimately say a lot about your business. Take a look to see what your design style choice says about you:



Clean lines. Sleek finishes. Contemporary furnishings. Your office is a high-style showplace and you love it. Your employees feel proud of their workplace and each cubicle, conference room and waiting area is dressed to the nines in beautiful office furniture, artwork and paintings.

Having a modernistic style to your office shows that your business is bold, forward thinking, open to reinvention, and fine with taking risks. You care about your employees and want their surroundings to be comfortable and stylish. You strive to impress your customers or potential business partners and know that a stylish space is a great way to do this.



Rich wood desks with matching credenzas, leather chairs and minimal décor is your approach. A tailored look suits you well, with a place for everything. Storage is key to your minimalist approach, so hutches, bookshelves and filing pedestals are carefully arranged around the centerpiece of a fine wood desk.

Your classic style exudes sophistication, attention to detail and a business steeped in tradition. You have a solid plan for your business’ future, are confident in reaching those goals and are interested in forming lasting relationships with customers and clients.



You’re a bare bones kind of operation…and you make no bones about it! Building a profitable business is more important to you than a fancy desk and a waiting room full of fine art. Instead, your office boasts basic workstations, no-frills filing and a conference room that doubles as a break area.

Low-budget businesses value the ideal of getting their people in place to start making money right away, rather than dealing with the logistics of pricey desks and chairs. If it were up to you, a card table and chairs would suffice, but this doesn’t always mean you’re cheap…you’d just rather sink your resources into digging up more customer contacts, sending your leaders on client-wooing trips and providing top quality print and web materials. This type of business philosophy will enable you to go far. That is, until your employees demand a more comfortable chair!



The more technology the better, in your eyes. Every desk and cubicle must be outfitted for power and data, and your conference room resembles the media department of the local Target. Video screens, laptops and smart phones can be found in every nook and cranny of your office space, and your people all know how to use them well.

A technology-focused business is social media savvy, and does a lot of communicating online and over video conferencing. Your group has a young, can-do vibe and the growth possibilities are limitless. You know how to reach current and potential customers and how to keep each office member in contact with the right people at the right time. As long as you remember to form personal relationships with your customers and clients, you’re poised to be a business superstar!



Taking care of Mother Earth is a top priority in your company. Using sustainable materials, natural flooring and recycled or re-used office furniture are just some of the ways you green up your office. There is a recycling bin at every turn and your conference room has a lights-off rule unless there is a meeting in progress.

Plants, bamboo and other natural décor reminds employees to be environmentally conscious and your customers take note of this and appreciate your efforts. You may even inspire them to become more responsible, and they’ll remember you for that. Your caring vibe transcends into the way you do business and each customer and employee feels valued and part of something bigger than them.

So, which design style does your business employ? Are you a mix of these themes? We’d love to hear from you!