2-4 Person Privacy Booth

2-4 Person Privacy Booth

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2-4 Person Privacy Booth

SKU: 6000

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Arnold’s offers Soundbox Privacy Booths that you can customize to fit your privacy needs.

With different colors and designs to choose from, our pod furniture is stylish and comfortable, so you can relax in private space.

Some benefits of the Soundbox Booths include:

  • Main Material: Tempered glass (same quality standard as Metro sliding door tempered glass). Aviation Aluminum frame, strong carbon composite wall panels, floor damping carpet. Wood-free, glue-free, screw-free
  • Interior Material : Using 60% high density PET acoustic panel as sound absorption materials inside the booth, making the sound clearer
  • Dimensions: 60.5″D x 86.5″W x 90.5″ H
  • Voltage: 110-220V/50Hz and 12V-USB power supply system
  • Ventilation System:1~3pcs silent fan –refresh the air every three minutes.
  • Lighting System: 4000K LED central lighting system
  • Acoustic date: Rw+ Ctr 30dB (±5dB)/ RT0.25 s(±0.01s)
  • Fire retardant: Whole item up to Class B fire-proof.
  • Furniture: Interior furniture is included
  • Easy Installation: It can be assembled and disassembled within two hours; no screws needed to install the booth structure 
  • Available in three other sizes, including:


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2-4 Person Privacy Booth

An open-office floor plan offers plenty of benefits, from reduced costs to increased collaboration. However, these spaces might lack private areas for meetings, calls and more. Arnold’s offers Soundbox Privacy Booths that can be customized to meet the needs of your space and team.

A Private Space Designed for Productivity

Creating accessible private spaces in your open office is essential for productivity and small group conversations. The 2-4 person privacy booth addresses this need with a sleek design. Through a range of furniture options, you can build a space that blocks out external noise. These booths also feature low-noise air ventilation to keep the area comfortable without disrupting the acoustics.

For complete focus, the booth uses an LED lighting system with 4,000 K daylight color temperature. This lighting keeps users alert and productive without overstimulating their senses. The privacy booths also have 12 V-USB power to support device charging. You can integrate backup power supplies into the booth as needed to meet your usage requirements.

When your collaborative open office is too active for a small meeting, the 2-4 person privacy booth creates the ideal space.

Benefits of Four-Person Privacy Booths

Privacy booths are an excellent addition to any modern office. Our pod furniture features a range of design and color options to create a comfortable and stylish private space.

Soundbox Booths offer the following benefits:

  • Optimized sound insulation for quiet comfort, STC 30db (±5dB) & RT0.25s (±0.1s)
  • Spacious, quiet and calm environment
  • Enhanced productivity and focus
  • Sleek designs to match your company’s aesthetic
  • Built with aerospace grade aluminum, carbon composite panels and tempered glass found in compartments of subway trains so you know it’s built to last
  • Available in three other sizes, including:

Upgrade Your Open Office With 2-4 Person Phone Booths

Arnold’s helps you create an office space that suits every workflow and project demand. The four-person privacy booth is comfortable, quiet and private for any important meeting or call. Explore your privacy booth options, and request a quote today for more information.