Novo Task Chair (SitOnIt)

Novo Task Chair (SitOnIt)

SKU: 415

  • Novo Task Chair (SitOnIt)
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Novo Task Chair (SitOnIt)

SKU: 415



  • 3 frame colors
  • 3 lumbar colors with 13 lumbar accent colors
  • 12 mesh colors
  • Adjustable lumbar support is standard
  • Basic, standard synchro and swivel tilt mechanisms
  • 3 arm types
  • Waterfall seat

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Novo Task Chair (Allseating)

Comfortable, high-quality seating is essential to any commercial office space. At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we offer adjustable lumbar office chairs that deliver personalized support while projecting a sleek and contemporary look.

Allseating Novo Task Chairs

Our Novo Task chairs from Allseating are the stylish and ergonomic solutions to all your commercial office needs. These mesh-back office chairs offer adjustable lumbar support, height-adjustable arms and standard synchro and swivel-tilt mechanisms for tailored comfort. They include a slim, dual-density waterfall seat with a plush surface that can support up to 300 pounds.

Allseating office chairs are fully customizable, allowing you to mix and match frame, base, lumbar and arm options to cultivate the ideal look and feel for your office.

Material Information

Our customizable office chairs have three arm types to choose from based on your preferences. You can also customize mesh, frame and lumbar colors to complement or elevate your office:

  • Frame: Our chair frames come in Black, White and Fog.
  • Lumbar: We offer Black, White and Fog lumbar colors with 13 accent hues ranging from Tangerine to Desert to Electric Blue.
  • Mesh: Choose from 12 mesh colors, such as Lemon, Grape, Nickel, Ocean and Onyx.

Product Warranty

Products and components from Allseating are covered by a 12-year parts and labor warranty. This warranty guarantees your chairs will be defect-free under normal use conditions, or Allseating will repair or replace the damaged product for free.

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