Office Furniture in Atlanta

If you’re relocating to Midtown, Piedmont Park or another neighborhood in Atlanta and the surrounding area, you have a chance to reinvent your space and corporate image. Office furniture in Atlanta, GA, spans from classic wood finished pieces to sleek, modern-looking workstations. Whatever the style and scope of your renovation or relocation project, Arnold’s Office Furniture has the furniture you need.

Our Office Furniture Options for Businesses in Atlanta, Georgia

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we have an excellent selection of new office furniture to fit your company’s aesthetic and other considerations. Whether you’re looking for traditional executive-style pieces or modern office furniture in Atlanta, we have something for you.

We also offer office furniture installation in Atlanta and nationwide. When you work with us, we’ll design your workstation layout and deliver your furniture right to your building with our installation crew ready to assemble everything.

Here’s a look at some of our office furniture options.

Sunline Office Cubicles

Looking for office cubicles in Atlanta? Check out the Sunline modular cubicle system, the future of cubicle design. As reconfigurable, space-saving workstations, they can be set up and rearranged faster than other cubicles on the market. And, even though our sliding designs are incredibly easy to set up, we offer full office cubicles installation in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Workstations and Desk Chairs

If you’re looking for something besides cubicles, we also offer a range of workstation options. If you’re designing an open plan office, our trendy and modern benching systems or raise the bar by raising your desk. Our product lines let you furnish your entire office building from floor to ceiling in a color, design and configuration you and your team will love.

We’ll pair any workstation or desk with comfortable and stylish office chairs that help your employees push themselves to be their very best each day. We offer rolling and stackable office chairs to match your office design preferences, from attractive mesh-back chairs to plush leather chairs with headrests.

Reception and Lounge Furniture

Besides employee workstations, we also deliver and install attractive and comfortable lounge furniture. Whether you’re outfitting a lobby or employee flex space with soft seating, we have something that will impress your visitors or let your team relax in comfort.

Reception and Lounge Furniture

Conference Tables

When you’re redesigning your Atlanta office from floor to ceiling, don’t forget about your conference rooms. Our multi-seat table inventory includes executive boardroom-style furnishings as well as modern tables for collaborative work.

Office Design Considerations in Atlanta

Atlanta office furniture and real estate trends can offer some insights into how to plan your new space. Here are three tips to keep in mind:

1. Design for Flexible Spaces

In recent years, Atlanta’s coworking space market has exploded. In 2019, the city had 1.2 million square feet of coworking real estate, with 38% centered in Midtown. Many large Atlanta-based businesses are investing in coworking space to stay flexible and creative in a changing market.

Some companies set up base in a coworking space while they wait for their permanent office construction to reach completion. Some are looking to set up flexible satellite offices throughout the city, closer to where their employees live. Others aren’t able to forecast their growth beyond the next two years and want space they can easily expand into over the coming years.

Coworking and flexible real estate remain a massive influence on office design trends in Atlanta. If you’re designing a flexible workspace layout for a coworking space or are looking to add flex spaces for your internal team, you need multifunction furniture to match.

Our Sunline cubicle system is perfect for flexible, creative spaces because the walls can be raised, lowered and reconfigured to achieve many layouts. They make it easy to reconfigure your workstations at any time, a critical feature for flexible office spaces. Another flexible option is sit/stand desks, which encourage workers to stay healthy while customizing their workstation to their own preferences.

2. Balance Your Team’s Needs

In many respects, office design for Atlanta businesses follows suit with nationwide commercial space trends. One of the most critical features of effective interior design is making spaces functional for their intended purposes. In offices and workspaces, the essential elements to consider are your staff’s needs.

In the modern workplace, employees have three primary needs — privacy, collaboration and comfort. Sometimes, those needs are at odds with one another, which is why effective design becomes so important.

Our furnishings can achieve each of these needs to help your team become more productive and engaged at work. Most employees want solitude for work that demands concentration and inviting, open atmospheres for group work. Our Sunline cubicle systems, along with our privacy panels for open plan workstations, give workers a personal space where they can dive into solo projects. Low-wall panels, or panels that don’t completely surround each workstation, ease collaboration by giving employees easy access to their teammates.

Varying degrees of privacy and collaboration can create inviting and relaxing workspaces for employees no matter their personal preferences. Another way our furniture eases comfort is through ergonomics. Adjustable height desks let employees choose to sit and stand throughout the day and ensure their desks are always perfectly positioned for their height and posture. Ergonomic desk chairs conform to the natural curve of the back, providing lumbar and neck support. These features let workers focus more on the task at hand without getting distracted by aches and pains from prolonged sitting or uncomfortable furniture.

3. Create Effective Outdoor Spaces

Another office design trend in Atlanta is the incorporation of outdoor spaces in creative commercial buildings. They continue to be in high demand for commercial businesses looking for new office space.

Office workers love having the freedom to step outside for a lunch break or a team meeting. It’s great for productivity and employee wellness at the same time. Companies looking to attract and retain top talent in the Atlanta area will do well to design outdoor meeting and dining areas for their teams.

Why Choose Arnold’s for Office Furniture Design and Installation Services in Atlanta?

Why Choose Arnold's for Office Furniture Design and Installation Services in Atlanta?

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we’re more than a furniture supplier. We partner with businesses like yours throughout Atlanta and nationwide to customize workspaces. We’ve supported our clients through big moves and office renovations alike. It all starts with helping you select the right furniture for your workspace, preferences and employee needs. Our inventory is available online for easy viewing.

Whether you know exactly what you want or would like to weigh a few options, our product experts can walk you through different models and make suggestions for your workplace. We’ll even come to your Atlanta office and demonstrate our Sunline cubicle systems for you to see with your own eyes.

Next, we’ll take on the office design and layout, helping you plan a functional workspace that fits in with your team’s workflows and your building’s space constraints. When it’s time to install your furniture, our seasoned installation crew will travel to your Atlanta location. They’ll assemble and place every desk and chair to your liking.

Through it all, our dedicated sales and design teams are a phone call away, any time of day.

Request Your Quote From Arnold’s Office Furniture

Explore all the office design possibilities for your Atlanta business with Arnold’s Office Furniture. Learn more about our Sunline cubicles and the other attractive commercial furniture in our collection. When you’re ready to start planning your office project, request a quote today to connect with a furniture and design expert. Let us take a few things off your hands and help you plan your new office design in Atlanta.