Office Furniture in Columbus, Ohio

Looking for office furniture in Columbus, Ohio? Talk to Arnold’s Office Furniture. We’re a full-service, project-based furniture provider, offering high quality at a low cost. Arnold’s advises your decision-makers, optimizes your space and manages your entire office refurnishing project.

As an office furniture supplier servicing central Ohio, we deliver and install new office furniture in and around Columbus. We help medium and large businesses save the most money on their office furniture projects. Whether you’re looking for open plan office furniture or adjustable cubicles near Columbus, Dublin, Westerville and Grove City, Arnold’s has you covered in the Discovery City!

High-Quality Office Furniture for Businesses in Columbus, Ohio

As a furniture supplier delivering and installing nationwide, we’re a top provider of office furniture for Columbus, Ohio, businesses. Our services cover more than providing quality furniture in bulk. We’ll help you select pieces to create a unified aesthetic and maximize your use of space. Our design team will develop floor plans that work with your building layout and organization’s department. We’ll also ship out a professional crew to complete your office furniture installation in Columbus.

At the heart of all our services is a wide selection of stylish office furniture, including the following.

The Sunline Cubicle System

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we love cubicles. They might be our favorite way to work. Why? Cellular workstations turn your office into a productivity powerhouse. Employees need a space to call their own and a way to block out visual distractions and noise. Many day-to-day tasks require quiet, whether it’s calling a client or reading a 50-page report.

Yet, today’s workforce thrives on collaboration. Cubicles don’t completely shut out the world around them. Workers are still an arm’s length from their teammates, making it easy to pop over to another desk and talk through a project.

It also helps that our Sunline modular cubicles are no ordinary cubicles. We designed ours to meet the demands and cravings of the modern work environment. Our cubicles are entirely reconfigurable, letting your office change as you grow. Their modular panels let you switch from low-wall to high-wall workstations and vice versa whenever you need. Their modular design allows for set up in a fraction of the time of a traditional cubicle. If you’re looking for office cubicles in Columbus, Ohio, you can’t beat the Sunline system.

Open-Plan Workstations

For teams that need more collaboration and fewer barriers, an open office plan is another excellent office design option for Columbus, Ohio, businesses. If you choose this direction, Arnold’s has a fantastic selection of modern benching systems and desk pods seating two to six employees. We can also outfit them with low panels to help workers concentrate without sacrificing the collaborative atmosphere.

Desk Chairs

The desk chair is the unsung hero of the modern office. Without a comfortable place to sit, employees couldn’t be half as productive. Desk chairs that offer comfort give your team an edge by alleviating back pain and other aches the modern office worker might encounter. Our inventory of mesh chairs is stylish and sleek and provides the ergonomic support your staff craves.

Lounge Furniture

Besides practical workstations, offices also need comfortable sitting areas. Whether you have a lobby that needs to impress VIP visitors or a coffeehouse-style break room, we have you covered. Our lounge sofas and chairs range from sleek and contemporary to colorful and chic.

Conference Room Tables

The conference room is another area of your building that makes your company what it is. It’s where new ideas are born and where teams can collaborate freely without disturbing their desk mates. Meanwhile, the executive board directs your business into the future, all from their trusty conference table.

Arnold’s Office Furniture’s selection of executive and conference tables has selections sure to impress during your client meetings, brainstorming sessions and internal presentations. Some models project an air of luxury and professionalism with woodgrain finishes. Others have more modern designs that add clean lines and promote efficiency.

How to Design and Lay Out an Office in the Columbus, Ohio, Area

How to Design and Lay Out an Office in the Columbus, Ohio, Area

Columbus, Ohio, has a unique business climate, deserving of innovative office designs to match. It’s ranked as the best American city to work in tech and has the best job growth in the Midwest. Recent surveys indicate real estate investors have increased interest in the area. As a business located in or moving to a city on the up and up, your new space needs to be the office of the future. Plan your office furniture project by taking these steps:

1. Consider Which Layout Suits Your Team’s Workflows

Every office and team is different. You may have some departments where most work is independent and others where teams rely on constant communication. Your layout should reflect those workflows to maximize productivity.

An open office plan works best for teams who work together frequently. Private offices are better for employees who need privacy for sensitive work or don’t collaborate often. Managers use private office spaces to meet with employees one-on-one and carry out focused work.

The cellular layout, known for its cubicles, offers co-worker interactions with added privacy. For many businesses, combining these three layouts works best, giving both employees and leadership a choice between collaborative and independent work areas.

When selecting a layout for your business, it’s helpful to look at renderings to find the right fit. Our design team can create many configurations for your current floor plan and build the most effective space.

2. Plan for Growth

Refurnishing your current office or moving to a new Ohio location are both signs of growth. When you design a new office, be sure you accommodate your current capacity and leave room to continue growing.

Ohio will add more than 253,000 local jobs between 2016 and 2026. If some of those positions will be at your company, choose layouts that are easy to reconfigure and add new workstations to. Whether you expect expansion or will completely reorganize your departments over the coming years, it pays to have furniture that can adapt. Arnold’s can build a flexible office design with multipurpose spaces and furniture to accommodate your future.

3. Create a Homey Atmosphere

One of the latest office design trends in Columbus and across the nation is bringing the comforts of home to the office. The so-called “resimercial” design aesthetic seeks to make employees feel at home while at work.

Home-style office spaces foster collaboration and encourage flexibility, with employee lounges that feel like a living room. They open up the work environment to inspire casual, impromptu conversations and make the office atmosphere feel a little more fun and inviting.

Why Choose Arnold’s for Office Furniture in Columbus

Arnold’s has successfully taken nearly 1,000 office furniture projects from blank floor plans to fully furnished office spaces. With services spanning nationwide, we offer full-service office furniture installation in Columbus and beyond. We don’t sell an individual desk or upgrade one person’s chair. Instead, we stock, deliver and install dozens to hundreds of modular office cubicles, benching system workstationsor other office furniture for projects in and around Columbus, Ohio, and around the country.

Our process follows three easy steps:

1. Connect With Us

At Arnold’s, we work hard to understand your unique needs. When you request your free quote online, we connect you with a dedicated representative. We’ll discuss your must-haves and nice-to-haves and weigh them against your space, time and budget constraints. Your product expert will help you select furniture that works for you.

Want to see what you’re buying before you commit to a large project? We’ll pay for your plane ticket from Columbus to visit our showroom near Philadelphia! We’ll even demo our Sunline cubicles at your Columbus headquarters.

2. Discover Your Dream Office Layout

After working to find furniture options you love, your dedicated account representative will pass things over to our in-house computer-aided design (CAD) designers. They’ll create multiple floor plans and keep working until you’re completely satisfied with the arrangements. They remove the guesswork from selecting furniture that fits comfortably in your floor plan and make installation a breeze.

3. Watch Us Transform Your Office

Once you approve our proposal and move forward with your order, it’s time for us to deliver. We take care of all the logistics, starting with packing up your furniture from our 150,000-square foot warehouse. We’ll arrange transportation and ensure the delivery meets your building’s receiving conditions. Our professional installers will arrive soon after to finish the job.

As the exclusive dealer of Sunline office furniture, we offer some of the smoothest office cubicles installation in Columbus and can assemble and arrange all your furniture to your satisfaction. If you have questions or need anything at all, we’re available by email or phone 24 hours a day.

Let Us Handle Your Office Design in Columbus, Ohio

Let Us Handle Your Office Design in Columbus, Ohio

Ready to get started? We’ll design the office your team has been craving. Then, we’ll furnish your space with your choice of traditional or modern office furniture fit for your Columbus business. To request your quote, contact our team online or dial 610-272-2050.