Sunline Sliding Cubicles Series

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The new Sunline sliding cubicle – with high quality, durable components – is the easiest office cubicle in the world to assemble, or disassemble and reconfigure.  Your company will never need to find another cubicle system again!

Customizable wall panels simply slide in and out of connector posts to create private or collaborative workstations in the most popular heights and lengths.  Fasten surfaces inside the walls with some screws and clip-on brackets.. That’s basically it!

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Yes!!  Grab your sunglasses – the future of high quality new office cubicles is bright with Arnold’s as we introduce the revolutionary Sunline sliding series – you’ve never seen anything like this before!!

This is the easiest system in the world to assemble, disassemble, and reconfigure.
Standard cubes average professional installers four hours to assemble.  But with the flexible Sunline system, any two people can build a station from the ground up in 30 minutes or less, and change the size, shape, or color with NO TOOLS in no time.

Check out this two minute video to see how easy it is to construct a Sunline sliding cubicle…

Change from fabric to glass or vice versa in seconds to expand your view for more inspiration or become more available for collaboration.  Entire cubicle walls can be moved or switched out in a matter of minutes by anyone who can lift 5 lbs!!

Components are made of the highest quality anodized aluminum and glass or fabric-covered wall panels complete with sound-proofing honeycomb core

Arnold’s has recently entered into an exclusive agreement in the United States with the top office furniture manufacturer in the world to offer this ground-breaking workstation to everyone in the country.  That’s right!  Nobody else in the country has anything like this Sunline sliding system!

Because of the high quality, easy replaceability, and how simple it is to assemble, disassemble, and reconfigure, your company will be using this system for many years to come!  

The quality of the materials is excellent and if anything needs to be replaced, it’s as simple as ordering one of just 4 main workstation components that anyone can reinstall:

  1. Tiles – available in real glass, various colors of fabric, and wood laminate, these anodized aluminum framed tiles are lightweight, durable and look great – they simply slide into:
  2. Connector Posts – made of pure anodized aluminum, tile pieces easily slide in and out for total flexibility – available in different heights, including a mixed high-low style
  3. Work surfaces – sturdy, high pressure laminate and wooden work surfaces are available in several finishes like white, beige, mahogany, pure cherry wood, and others
  4. Small Plastic Brackets – using just six of these that easily clip into the tile frames, a drill and one screw for each, fasten underneath the work surface for full support and voila!

That’s it!  Six screws are the only necessary hardware!  Maybe one cantilever depending on the size of your station, but that’s only another 4 screws!  10 screws per workstation!  A small drill, a pry bar, and a level are the only tools needed!  This is real.  Anyone can assemble this system!!

Of course, there are nice power and storage options – like the lighted, roll-up overhead cabinet, a locking 2-drawer lateral file, and a locking cushion-topped mobile filing cabinet with a box drawer.  

    • Save thousands of dollars on hiring professional installers.
    • Save hours of time since these take at most 1/4th of the time to install as regular cubes
    • Save dozens of headaches from not worrying about:
      • whether to choose fabric or glass
      • which heights are perfect
      • what color scheme to go with
      • being locked into your cubicle arrangement for years

YouTube video