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Companies everywhere have begun adjusting their workspaces to promote employee health through effortless social distancing measures. Cubicles can play an important role in keeping workers safe on the job.

Arnold’s Office Furniture proudly offers social distancing cubicles specifically designed to maintain proper spacing between team members. Our attractive, competitively priced cubicles can help your business comply with recommended CDC guidelines during and after the post-coronavirus reopening phase.

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In early 2020, the novel coronavirus showed that the layout of many workspaces could be vulnerable to the rapid transmission of diseases. Open offices can be especially conducive to the spread of germs and bacteria. Hot-desking and the growing trend toward reduced cubicle footprints can also create environments that make it possible for employees to spread illnesses unintentionally.

With these facts in mind, we’re pleased to offer social distancing office furniture. Made of highly durable, aesthetically appealing materials and textiles, our social distancing cubicles and workstations give you several competitive advantages as you readjust to a post-COVID-19 world:

  • Your employees will be less likely to spread any colds or illnesses. This benefit has a twofold effect of improving overall health and reducing company absentee rates. For greater impact, pair social distancing workstations with hand sanitizer stations, and consider having us pre-treat your Sunline cubicles with Microban, an antimicrobial solution that works for three months.
  • You’ll be able to bring more of your employees back in-house. Many workers prefer to conduct their jobs in-person, and some occupations require that team members work from a specific location. Social distancing cubicles help people feel safer returning to the office.
  • You can attract talented new hires who want to work at a company that puts their needs first. What says that you’re serious about taking care of your employees more than having proper social distancing measures in place?


As you’re creating a healthier workplace, you’ll want to explore your many social distancing furniture options. These include social distancing cubicles.

What are social distancing cubicles, and what makes them different from other types of cubicle arrangements and choices? Social distancing cubicles have a larger footprint than traditional cubicle models. Like all Sunline cubicles, you can arrange them in numerous ways to achieve your preferred look and layout.

Our team can help with the installation of your cubicles. We can even work with you to redesign your current office spaces. That way, your employees will intuitively social distance without affecting the overall workflow.

If you prefer, we can deliver social distancing cubicles, appropriate hardware and instructions so you can put them together. Transformation of your space can take as little as a day, allowing you to get the benefits of social distancing furniture rapidly.


Find out now how post-COVID-19 office furniture can help you achieve your short-term and long-term office design, layout and flow goals. Create a healthier workplace right away, and help reduce the likelihood of spreading coronavirus and other infectious diseases year-round.

Contact our team and request a quote for social distancing cubicles and workstations to make transitioning back to work easier and safer for your team.