Privacy Booths

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Privacy Booths

Open offices are excellent for encouraging collaboration among workers, which is why they’re an increasingly popular layout for modern office buildings. However, these open-plan workspaces offer little privacy for workers, making it difficult for them to get away from the hustle and bustle of the office. Open office privacy booths resolve this issue by giving your employees a quiet place to make phone calls or catch a moment of peace and quiet.

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we offer modern office phone booths that promote privacy in open office spaces. We’re proud to have served as experts in the office furniture industry since our establishment in 1929.

Why Get an Open-Office Privacy Booth for Your Office?

Office phone booths are private soundproof pods that offer a silent space for workers while projecting a sleek and modern look. These solutions come with many significant advantages for open offices, including:

  • Greater privacy: Soundproof booths give workers a private place to make important business calls or take sensitive personal calls.
  • Improved creativity: Privacy booths allow your employees to concentrate and reflect on ideas in a quiet, distraction-free space, helping them foster greater creativity.
  • Higher productivity: Workers can become easily distracted in open coworking spaces, impacting their productivity. Privacy booths give your employees a quiet zone to focus on work when they’re unable to concentrate, helping them work more productively.
  • Increased information security: You can use open office privacy booths to maintain confidentiality when handling sensitive information, keeping it away from wandering eyes.
  • Versatility: Office phone booths are mobile and customizable so they can adapt to changing office spaces.

Our Privacy Booth Options

All of our privacy booths boast complete sound insulation and low-noise air ventilation with an LED lighting system and 12 V-USB power supply. We offer four modern office phone booths ideal for any open office space:

  • One-person privacy booth: Our one-person pods are perfect for private phone calls and relaxation away from co-workers.
  • One- to two-person privacy booth: These phone booths can accommodate up to two people, making them useful for one-on-one meetings.
  • Two- to four-person privacy booth: These spacious, soundproof pods for up to four people are great for small group collaboration.
  • Four- to six-person privacy booth: Our largest privacy pods can comfortably hold up to six people, allowing larger groups to enjoy private meetings.

How to Incorporate Office Phone Booths Into Your Open Office Design

When you implement private soundproof pods into your open office space, you can designate them for several purposes:

  • Private phone booths: You can use your privacy booths as a place to take important phone calls.
  • Individual focus rooms: Office booths work well as quiet zones for individual focus.
  • Private team meeting rooms: You can use your office pods to host private group meetings.

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You can give your employees sleek and silent spaces to work with open office privacy booths from Arnold’s Office Furniture. We have the high-quality furniture solutions needed to furnish your entire office building. We also deliver and install office products across the nation.

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