8-Person Workstations

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Floor space is at a premium in many office layouts these days. A compact 8-person office workstation can provide a space-saving solution for accommodating small groups of workers without sacrificing comfort or productivity.

Arnold’s Office Furniture can supply your business with high-quality, affordable 8-person workstation desks that resolve your space dilemma. Trust our 90+ years of office furniture expertise and our sincere commitment to delivering top-notch customer service.

What Are the Benefits of an 8-Person Workstation Desk?

This workstation option is perfect for open environments where collaboration is a primary concern. Workers have more freedom to communicate, which promotes cooperation and teamwork. Also, companies can get more workers into a smaller area, which is ideal for space-challenged facilities. 

About Our 8-Person Workstations

Arnold’s offers multiple 8-person workstation desk options to meet any office configuration requirements. Our product lineup includes:

  • Mall Open Plan Series: These workstations feature a simple design that can complement any office decor. Modesty and privacy panels enable workers to personalize their space. Floor cabinets are available for storage.
  • UP Open Plan Series: These height-adjustable desks give four of your employees the flexibility to sit or stand while working. They also come with modesty and privacy panels. 
  • UP II Open Plan Series: This enhanced UP version fits six workers, provides options to sit or stand, and includes privacy and modesty panels.
  • Sunshine LZ Squad Benching System: This uniquely configured bench-type seating system consists of a pair of two-person end units flanking a four-person middle section. Privacy panels help to separate the workers. Choose from various sizes and five visually appealing work surface color options. Mobile pedestals for extra storage are available at an additional cost.

Why Choose Arnold’s Office Furniture?

At Arnold’s, we focus on providing innovative office furniture solutions tailored to the needs of the modern workplace. We’re the sole distributor of the advanced Sunline sliding cubicle system that gives businesses a modular and easily configurable office layout option. 

We combine these superior products with low prices and exceptional service. Our offerings include complimentary design services, fast delivery and complete installation. It makes sense that Fortune 500 companies and other large multi-facility companies shop our 8-person workstations and other products when it’s time for an office furniture upgrade. 

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