6-Person Open Plan Workstations

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Arnold's Office Furniture offers several 6-person desk choices, all from the Sunline brand. Sunline's top-line products have long been trusted by Fortune 500 companies, including Panasonic and American Airlines. For more than 90 years, we have helped employers refresh their workspaces. Whether you need to refurbish a wing, a floor or an entire building, contact us for a free quote and expert advice.

Companies routinely want to maximize their workspaces, and including 6-person office workstations can be a great choice. When it’s properly installed as part of an overall design, a 6-person workstation desk benching system allows several employees to comfortably and simultaneously occupy a modest amount of real estate.

Advantages of a 6-person Office Desk Setup

Are you wondering whether adding one or more 6-person workstations to your current or anticipated workspace layout makes sense? As part of your decision process, consider the following benefits that come from investing in a Sunline 6-person desk for your team:

  • Improved productivity: Efficiency is a must-have for any company that wants to compete in the modern economic ecosystem. A 6-person desk will allow your staff to have everything they need at their fingertips. Additionally, they can enjoy a bit of privacy to concentrate on their work when needed. From customer service representatives to marketing groups, employees appreciate the convenience of a modern 6-person office desk.
  • Increased collaboration: When you want to boost collaboration and brainstorming among personnel, a 6-person desk can help. By housing everyone from a particular vertical or unit in one location, you can offer them the chance for instant discussions and conversations. Why put up barriers to innovation? Dot your working landscape with collaboration-inspiring 6-person workstations.
  • Heightened flex work opportunities: Many businesses have made it possible for full-time, part-time and even gig economy workers to “drop in” to any working spot they like. A 6-person desk can be the ideal place for employees and contractors to stretch out and get their work accomplished without needing a dedicated office space of their own.
  • Enhanced design: Do you have the desire to move to a more open-concept, modern design in one or more of your larger working spaces? With Sunline 4-person and 6-person office desks and benching systems, you can effectively upgrade the look and feel of any room. Breathe new life into a dated office area with classic, attractive 6-person workstations.
  • Impressive affordability: All Sunline office furniture pieces, including the 6-person workstation desk, are priced to keep your overhead costs as low as possible. Reduce your capital expenditures and get more for your money by working with Arnold’s Office Furniture. Our clients often spend about half of what they anticipated when they choose Sunline furnishings. Best of all, they never have to give up on getting the tremendous quality they deserve.

Choose Arnold’s Office Furniture for 6-person Desk Workstations

The Arnold’s Office Furniture legacy has been built for almost a century, yet our offerings remain trendy and on-point, allowing you to always get the best of the best when you partner with us.

Whether you need a few 6-person desks and 4-person quad stations for a call center or you want to completely refresh every square foot of your company, we welcome the opportunity to assist you. Our team can help you design a custom workstation solution, getting you a personalized quote in about a day.

We can ship and install anywhere in the nation — contact Arnold’s Office Furniture now to get started.