4-Person Open Plan Workstations

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Whether you're moving to an open office floor plan or you want to refurbish your current open working space, you can trust Arnold's Office Furniture for the highest quality 4-person workstations from Sunline. Talk to one of our representatives about our 4-person desk pod choices, or simply request a quote.

Quad Cubicles From Arnold’s Office Furniture

Arnold’s Office Furniture offers a wide selection of Sunline 4-person office workstation desks. You can choose a model and customize it so that it suits your office and provides a functional, open workspace for your employees.

Read on to learn more about how your office can benefit from our 4-preson workstations.

Benefits of a 4-person Workstation

Our 4-person office workstation options will allow you to maximize your real estate footprint without compromising employee comfort or safety. For more than 90 years, we have proudly served companies seeking tremendous office furniture savings and incredible value. All of our quad cubicles are constructed with exceptional materials and built to give your workspace a modern, fresh feel.

Why choose a 4-person quad cubicle for your personnel? Below are a few of the major reasons that top companies like yours gravitate toward 4-person workstation desks and cubicles, in addition to other leading-edge Sunline office furniture solutions:

  • Efficiency and effectiveness: Increasing productivity across the board is easier when workers have everything they need in one place. The 4-person workstations we provide will give your staff members the opportunity to have elements of privacy while still working toward their daily task goals. Remove obstacles to employee concentration, and see your numbers increase.
  • Team-building opportunities: A 4-person desk pod is a perfect solution if your workers are arranged in teams of three or four members. That way, they can discuss projects and brainstorm instantly thanks to immediate access to one another. Additionally, they can store all their necessary equipment in one convenient space.
  • Drop-in flexibility: Do you have a number of part-time employees or occasional contractors who require temporary spots to work? A 4-person office desk presents an ideal place for them to check off their to-do lists.
  • Streamlined interior design: If your office plan leans toward open concept, a series of low-profile 4-person desk pods will fit right in. Constructed to be unobtrusive, each 4-person workstation desk setup will bring a contemporary aesthetic to any large working space.
  • Customization options: A huge advantage to investing in Sunline-brand quad cubicles is being able to customize the modular pieces for a unique overall effect. Sunline 4-person workstation components can be mixed and matched, enabling you to personalize your benching system. Many companies like to color-coordinate 4-person workstations, designating pods or units by color for ease.
  • Affordability across the board: Why pay too much when you need one or more 4-person office workstations for your business? Keep operations flowing without giving up too much revenue. Arnold’s Office Furniture strives to offer the best furniture prices in the industry, allowing you to stretch your capital.

The 4-Person Desk Pod Choices We Offer

When revamping your office with new furniture, it’s essential to get desks that will meet your office’s specific requirements. You can be sure you’re investing in something that will cater to your company’s needs and last for years to come when you shop with Arnold’s. Arnold’s lets you make the final choice regarding the components of your 4-person desks. You’ll have the ability to specify:

  • Color: Your office’s color scheme can affect your employees’ mental state and productivity. With Arnold’s you can choose a desk color that suits the rest of your office and promotes a positive and efficient work environment.
  • Accessories: Upgrade your employees’ new 4-person workstations with added accessories to increase their organization and productivity. You can include extra storage options, desk drawers, tack boards and more with Arnold’s Office Furniture.
  • Size: Your desk’s size will determine how well your new desks fit in your office. Choose from various sizes with Arnold’s to get a 4-person desk pod that gives employees the space to work comfortably and efficiently.
  • Brands: Your desk’s brand can impact its quality and durability. Shop Arnold’s selection for access to top-selling office furniture brand names and find a workstation that will stand the test of time.
  • Materials: Your desk’s material will also affect your workstation’s appearance, life expectancy and durability. When you choose a high-quality material, you can be sure your desks will suit the aesthetic of your office and add lasting value to your business.

Why Work with Arnold’s Office Furniture for 4-person Desk Pods?

Arnold’s Office Furniture has been a leading office furnishings supplier for nearly a century. We remain committed to helping our clients upgrade their company spaces with top-line furniture, including 4-person quad cubicles, 6-person workstations, adjustable standing desks and a variety of other options.

As the exclusive distributor for Sunline office furniture, Arnold’s Office Furniture has the capacity and bandwidth to satisfy the needs of all corporations, no matter how large. We can ship and install 4-person office desks nationwide, allowing you to furnish a floor or building in less time than you might have imagined.

Contact our team today to receive a quote for 4-person workstation desks and more.