3-Person Open Plan Workstations

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Thinking about changing your office layout from standard single-person workstations or desk units? Boost collaboration and effectiveness by dotting your corporate landscape with a series of 3-person office desks from Arnold's Office Furniture.

A 3-person workstation desk allows three employees to work in the same location. At the same time, each staff member can easily enjoy the freedom and privacy that comes from working at a traditional individual bench or cubicle. Remove barriers to collaboration and innovation by grouping your employees and teams in three-person configurations.

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Benefits of a 3-Person Workstation Desk

Are you just starting to evaluate the layout of your new or existing working spaces? Including 3-person cubicle workstations into your overall design gives you tremendous benefits.

  • Configuration variety: Manufacturers of high-quality 3-person workstation desks recognize the need for customization among different corporations. For that reason, 3-person desks come in a variety of set-ups. This allows you to effectively add 3-person office desks that meet your company’s specific personnel, department and real estate needs.
  • Modern aesthetics: All the 3-person workstations available through Arnold’s Office Furniture have been built to create a contemporary feel. They fit in well with almost any streamlined office space layout, and their colors and materials can often be interchanged for further personalization.
  • Ergonomic styling: The intuitive design aspects of a 3-person workstation desk should not be underestimated. Employees working at this popular type of office furniture have all they need at their fingertips. Additionally, each 3-person desk features comfort-inducing slants, slopes and curves to reduce discomfort related to sitting for long periods.
  • Cost-effective price point: Arnold’s Office Furniture has a reputation for offering unsurpassed 3-person office desks, modular cubicles and other corporate furnishings for less. In fact, many businesses find they can purchase almost twice as much for the same price when they work with us to build out their spaces.
  • Cross-pollination of ideas: A 3-person workstation desk makes discussion between colleagues effortless and natural. If collaboration among team members is integral to your organization, consider the intrinsic value of having coworkers sit side-by-side in a 3-person desk layout.
  • Occasional worker hotspot availability: Are some of your workers part-timers who only come into the office once in a while? Do your independent contractors need to be onsite from time to time? Offer a 3-person cubicle workstation for drop-in capabilities. Even clients can plug-in when needed and have a spot to conduct business without dislocating another worker.
  • Small space friendly: Are you concerned about adding too many desks or workstations to a smaller area? A 3-person office desk features a modest footprint while still being big enough for a trio of employees to comfortably and efficiently perform their daily tasks. Never let a smaller room stop you from purchasing high-end office furniture or adding new people to your team.

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Why Choose Arnold’s Office Furniture for 3-Person Workstations?

Arnold’s Office Furniture has grown its reputation for excellence and service for 90 years. Today, Fortune 500 companies choose the same 3-person desks offered by our company. In fact, our product lines can be found throughout the country in call centers, on executive floors and throughout high rises.

We look forward to helping you renew your current space or successfully relocate your operations. From 2-person and 3-person workstation desks to rows of flexible modular cubicles, our available office furniture inventory is second to none.

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