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Corporate offices contain higher-ups, receptionists and employees that make a business function. During an expansion or a conference meeting, you need to have extra seating available so that new hires and visitors are comfortable. Depending on the company's structure, you may not always need to have extra chairs around, so stackable options are efficient for storage, efficiency and organization.

Arnold's is your one-stop shop for professional furniture, and we allow customers to place bulk orders for redesign projects. Whether you're looking to replace chairs that have seen better days or want compact pieces for your floor plan, we bring you solutions for long-term success.

What Are Stacking Conference Chairs?

Stacking chairs from Arnold’s Office Furniture feature mesh and plastic materials for comfort and flexibility. These chairs are excellent for waiting areas, personal offices, conference rooms and break rooms as they are lightweight and fit in tight spaces. You can place stacking office chairs on top of one another between uses for cleaning efforts and workplace activities.

Why Purchase Stackable Conference Room Chairs?

Stackable furniture keeps you ready for gatherings, presentations and open discussions. The days of running out of seats for informative meetings are over as you can place designs in storage locations for immediate use. Create rows of seating in just seconds with styles that fit through doorways and small openings.

Our stackable conference room chairs are cost-friendly and arrive with supportive backings. From training sessions to conducting interviews, workers and guests can relax for hours.

Different Colors and Setups

When you work with Arnold’s, you have access to our 24/7 sales and design team. Our experts can steer you toward stackable furniture that matches your environment and company culture. You can even discover stackable office chairs in shades such as green, black, red, blue and orange with your choice of rolling-style wheels or fixed legs.

Click on any of our stackable listings to see which options are suitable for your applications. Arnold’s displays information such as dimensions, available colors and additional features for your convenience. Find stackable office chairs with attached tabletop surfaces for note-taking, documentation, laptops and beyond.

Stacking Conference Chairs and Maintenance

Our customers enjoy stackable office chairs because they are easy to clean and call for little maintenance. Choices such as the Slick Sled Base Stacking Office Chair come with chrome finished steel frames that hold shape. Place this style within lunchrooms and cafeterias to combat spills and crumbs.

Leave stackable furniture set up for multiple days, or use selections such as the Rex Office Chair for seamless folding. Some of our top selling stackable chairs include:

We Deliver and Assemble Office Furniture

Arnold’s caters to businesses all over the country with nationwide deliveries. Our professionals inspect your bulk orders to make sure everything is in the correct style, color and quantity. Add the white glove installation upgrade to your cart, and trained technicians will assemble pieces, so they’re out of sight and mind.

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