Must-Have Cubicle Accessories


In the last few months, the world learned to adapt to COVID-19. Workplaces must place extra importance on maintaining a clean environment that helps keep employees safe. Hand sanitizer and cubicle panels are two great tools to make this happen, but there are other helpful cubicle accessories that can create a safer workplace for everyone.

Check out the latest must-have cubicle accessories your office can use to keep your team healthy and protect your most vulnerable employees. They’re easy to install and can be useful long after COVID-19 recedes. Plus, they can add a bit of personality to office spaces that otherwise look bland and empty.

Cubicle Accessories for a Variety of Purposes

As employees begin to come back to the workplace and stop working from home, they want to know they’re safe and welcomed. Investing in the best office accessories for productivity can create a constructive environment that fosters happiness and productivity.

The first thing you’ll want to note about cubicle accessories is that they’re budget-friendly. No matter what kind of budget you have to work with, our stylish items can work with any flexible budget. 

1. Private Cubicle Gardens

Consider establishing a designated cubicle wall garden. Research has shown that indoor plants can purify stagnant indoor air, making it safer and cleaner to breathe. Employees who work surrounded by plants also feel happier and more content in their environments, which is crucial for nervous employees worried about potential COVID-19 spread.

2. Personalized Sticky Notes

Managers may want to consider custom sticky notes, which we offer in a variety of styles. Placing these notes on each desk shows you care about every employee and want to celebrate their return. It’s a small gesture that works with nearly every budget and provides team members with resources to help them get back into a productive frame of mind.

3. Sticky Keyboard Cleaners

After you stock up on cleaning solutions for the office, provide additional resources like sticky keyboard cleaners. Every employee can use their own to peel dirt, dust and grime off their keyboard at the end of the day before wiping it down. It makes cleaning more fun and takes away some of the worry related to COVID-19.

4. Extra Hanging Shelves

Employees may want to minimize their exposure to airborne particles by sitting or standing in their cubicles more than moving around the office. Adding extra hanging shelves to each desk area gives employees more storage space to keep things like important documents or extra supplies that would typically be across the office. They’re one of the best decorative office accessories that provides more organizational space for whatever employees need during this time.

Cubicle Accessories for Organization


Some cubicle accessories improve organization so team members can focus on the task at hand and not waste time looking for the little things. See if a few of these options would be helpful in your office.

1. Clover Overhead Storage

Privacy makes employees feel like their workspace is safe to interact with because they know no one has touched their belongings after-hours. Installing a Clover overhead storage cabinet ensures safety and privacy by allowing team members to lock up confidential documents and needed supplies every night. Whether they use it to keep airborne particles off of their notebooks or secure cleansing wipes they bring from home, it gives people peace of mind to organize their things in a secured cabinet.

2. Full Height Filing Box

Employees can improve their organization with a private, full-height filing box in their cubicle. With three drawers to utilize, there are endless organization options for everything from pens to filing folders. The top of the box also adds more space to work and store items on.

3. Mobile Filing Box With Cushion

Smaller cubicles may not have much space to work with, but a mobile filing box with a built-in cushion adds a multi-functional piece of equipment that helps with organization. As one of the greatest desk productivity accessories, it features two locking drawers with space for organization. There’s also a handy seat cushion that comes in five different colors. When your team member wants a change of pace, they can take phone calls and listen to virtual meetings while sitting on their filing box instead of their chair.

Cubicle Accessories for Privacy

Managers should think about must-have desk accessories for privacy. Social distancing is easier in the workplace with the following privacy accessories, especially when you implement them across the entire office.

1. Switchable Privacy Glass

Our switchable privacy glass transforms conference rooms and cubicles with the latest glass-clouding technology. After flipping a switch, the glass walls and doors will cloud to give more privacy through liquid crystal molecules and conductive laminate films. Whether or not the clouding feature is used, the glass also prevents the circulation of potentially infected air from asymptomatic team members.

2. Rolling Room Dividers

You may want to maintain a collaborative environment while making exceptions for private spaces. In that case, rolling room dividers can add privacy without making permanent changes to your office layout. Slide them between cubicles or seats in your break room to separate team members with modern dividers. 

3. Sliding Private Office

There’s also the option to assemble a sliding cubicle around each desk before employees return. Glass panels contain the cubicle on all sides and a door ensures privacy. Fabric-paneled walls also act as sound-absorbing pads so the people on the opposite sides of the walls don’t hear confidential conversations.

Cubicle Accessories for Cleanliness and Health

Cubicle Accessories for Cleanliness and Health

Keeping employees healthy should be every manager’s first concern since the prevalence of COVID-19. Without these cubical accessories for health, a single sneeze will send over 100,000 germ droplets an average of 27 feet. That’s enough of a distance to cover multiple desks with infectious particles, so use these accessories to create a cleaner environment.

1. Small Air Purifiers

Cubicles that aren’t close to air vents or open windows will have stagnant air that gives a perfect place for germs to linger. Small air purifiers that sit on desks or filing cabinets can provide team members with clean air to breathe, no matter where they sit. It’s another step to care for your employees and make the entire office a safer place to work.

2. Sliding Cubicle Walls

Work environments should be able to adapt to whatever needs arise, which is why it’s smart to use sliding cubicle walls around desks and other workspaces. Employees can use them to section off sanitized meeting spaces and keep them around their desks so they block airborne germs from anyone nearby. They could even line hallways or block off tables in the break room, depending on where people congregate the most.

3. Simple Sneeze Guards

Another popular option within wellness accessories for offices is a simple sneeze guard. No matter how you arrange desks or where people sit around a conference table, you can place a sneeze guard on any flat surface around them to prevent the spread of bacteria. Ensure each guard gets wiped down at the end of the day so it remains an extra sanitary measure for everyone to utilize.

4. Electronic Cleaning Wipes

Traditional cleaning wipes are sometimes too soaked to clean electrical equipment, which is why every office should stock up on electronic cleaning wipes. They’ll kill germs without dropping between keys on your keyboards or seeping under computer screens. Bacteria can multiply on surfaces like monitors and phones, so leave cleaning wipes at every desk and encourage employees to wipe down their electronics at least twice a day. Wipes are cubicle accessories for health that can make every inch of the office cleaner and safer for everyone.

Cubicle Accessories for Flexibility

Some team members may feel nervous about leaving their desks and potentially exposing themselves to airborne germs around the office. Sitting for long periods in front of a computer screen leaves people with aches and pains, so try these cubicle accessories for flexibility to make office life more comfortable.

1. Single Monitor Arm

When an employee needs to focus on a task or meeting, they often sit in a hunched position because they’re staring at their monitor. The computer screen is what holds them in place, but a single monitor arm allows people to stand and keep their computer screen at eye level. These arms are easy to install and attach to the backs of most monitors, so they’ll work with most existing office setups.

2. Sit-Stand Base

A sit-stand base is an office productivity accessory that complements items like a single or dual monitor arm. Instead of transporting the monitor up higher and leaving the keyboard and mouse at the lower height, the desk can raise to meet the height of the employee. Standing desks prevent back pain and improve blood flow while increasing an employee’s productivity because they feel happier to move around.

3. Adjustable Slant Boards

Tight muscles aren’t pleasant to deal with during the workday and they distract team members from what they’re trying to accomplish. Placing an adjustable slant board at each cubicle can help avoid this. Depending on an employee’s flexibility, they can adjust the slant board’s angle and put their foot on it. With a simple lean, they can stretch their calf muscles to prevent pain.

Cubicle Accessories for Decoration

Cubicle Accessories for Decoration

Research has shown that happiness improves the immune system, so cubicle accessories post-COVID-19 are an essential part of maintaining a positive, healthy workplace. These are some of the most popular decorative cubicle accessories that most team members will appreciate having at their desks.

1. Creatively Shaped Pushpins

Most modern cubicles have corkboards hanging on one wall to assist with organization. Other cubicles use upholstered panels that allow for the use of thumbtacks. Either way, skip getting the same clear plastic or metal pushpins and look for creative thumbtacks instead. Your team members will love decorating their cubicles with pushpins shaped like animals, mustaches and more. It’s an easy way to express their personality and make their cubicle feel a bit more like home.

2. Wide Magnetic Whiteboard

Magnetic whiteboards are some of the best cubicle accessories because they create a place for free expression. Employees can write inspiring quotes or leave drawings for each other instead of sitting surrounded by blank walls all day. Stock each cubicle with colorful markers and handy erasers so everyone can use their decorative whiteboards as they please. Team members may also enjoy a free supply of washi tape, which they can use to decorate their whiteboards without leaving a sticky residue behind. 

3. Local Vintage Prints

Your team members most likely live nearby and take pride in their city. Effective cubicle accessories can improve office morale, so find local vintage prints that show off your city’s history. Famous old concert posters or recreations of vintage skylines can remind everyone what they love about the area. 

4. Futuristic Wooden Keyboards

Use natural materials to make necessary equipment look straight from the future, like with wooden keyboards. The all-natural aesthetic will look especially artistic and creative in office spaces with plenty of sunlight and indoor plants. Wooden keyboards can also provide an appreciated visual change from traditional plastic ones. Post a few pictures of them online or show them off to interviewees during their office tour to attract future employees to stick around for other unique upgrades.

Browse Our Selection of Awesome Accessories

The best accessories to organize your office are only a click away. While you imagine how to make your office a welcoming, healthy place for your team members, browse our cubicle accessories to see which could make your office a better place to work. Here are a few of the most popular options that may catch your eye.

1. Maple Box Filing Cabinet

Who said filing cabinets had to be metal? Our maple box filing cabinet is one of the best cubicle accessories to brighten any office space. The maple tone complements nearly every existing hardware in modern workplaces, all while resting on small wheels so you can place it wherever it’s needed most.

2. Slim Overhead Task Light

Existing office lighting is usually tucked into high ceilings and leaves cubicles with shadowed areas, especially if they have overarching cabinetry. Slim overhead task lights fit under most cabinets to illuminate every corner of a desk. Help everyone utilize their space with the glow of a built-in light. 

3. Polished Transaction Top

Desks in open office floor plans can double their surface space with a polished transaction top. This allows employees to have more flexibility with how many monitors they use or desktop organizational systems they need. It can also create the appearance of a bigger cubicle, which helps team members relax in their workspaces.

Find Your Desk Accessories at Arnold’s Office Furniture 

There’s much we don’t know about COVID-19, but we do know that office spaces can adapt to changing times with comfortable cubicle accessories that keep employees safe. Whether you find flexible desk components or equipment to maintain your team members’ health, these must-have cubicle accessories can make it easier to return to work. Upgrade your cubicles and contact Arnold’s Office Furniture today to get a free consultation that will outline the best options for your workplace floor plan. 


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