What Furniture Should You Have in Your Breakroom? 

What Furniture Should You Have in Your Breakroom? 

The most important part of the workday is break time. If employees feel rejuvenated and relaxed, then the second half of the day is productive. That’s why the right employee breakroom furniture is like comfort food — it soothes the body and the mind.

Everyone wants a safe space to clear their head and socialize with colleagues. Coffee and chai tea can give employees a warm shot of caffeine while they sink into a comfortable chair. Tables and seating are key features of a successful office breakroom since they create a solid communal space.

Choosing Breakroom Furniture

Creating welcoming environments is an artform that interior designers have perfected for more than 100 years. It is important to consider what should be in a break room to find the ideal solution that fits your culture and employee age range.

When choosing seating arrangements for your breakroom, the style of your office and your employee demographic is important to consider. For example, an office filled with young millennials might like flexible chairs that swivel and flex as they talk. At the same time, a breakroom for executives in their 50s could find this uncomfortable and distracting.

There are several types of breakroom seating and tables that impact mood differently. A sofa is a classic choice for seating several people. This furniture choice will help employees achieve deep relaxation and feel at home. A good match for a sofa is a footstool or a coffee table for reading material like magazines.

Sofa seats bring the plush of a sofa in the form of a single seat with armrests and a medium back so that teammates can relax in solitude. Some sofa seats have a built-in mini table for convenient reading, while others pair well with a coffee table.

Modern wing chairs can swivel, and although comfortable with a rounded back, they are not meant for relaxing. This type of seating can help if you want employees to remain alert on short breaks.

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