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Every industry fulfills different needs for its customers, so it only makes sense that each industry would have its own office furniture needs. At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we’re proud to provide office furniture for various markets. Whether you want to revamp your current office space to engage employees or are moving to a new space and need a new suite of office furniture, Arnold’s offers tailored solutions to help you create the most efficient workspace. 

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  • Large Businesses and Enterprises
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Law Firms
  • Government

Who We Serve

If you’re wondering what industries need office furniture, you may be surprised to learn that most industries do use some type of office furniture. Arnold’s serves a wide range of industries, providing well-designed and thoughtfully created office furniture solutions and services. Our products are trusted by Fortune 500 companies around the world, allowing us to learn each industry’s specific needs, so we can provide the most effective office furniture for our clients.

Find out what we offer for each industry we serve.

Office Furniture and Services for Large Businesses and Enterprises

Many businesses are changing the way their offices look and operate to accommodate hybrid work environments that allow for more collaboration between employees. Office furniture for large businesses is commonly needed in bulk orders to provide work areas for larger numbers of employees. For example, you may create an office layout that gives everyone their own space while still allowing efficient communication and collaboration. 

Arnold’s offers an extensive inventory of cubicles and workstations that offer both functionality and an improved appearance. Our design team can help you create cubicle formations to maximize your office space and create an ideal setting for productivity. 

Office furniture for enterprises needs enough space for team members to work on projects and accomplish goals together. Furnish your meeting room with modern conference tables from Arnold’s. Creating a flexible conference room with us lets everyone work together, providing more effective results.

Office Furniture and Services for Healthcare

Office furniture for healthcare needs to be flexible, washable and convenient, among other things. There are many areas of healthcare facilities that need effective furnishing for effective patient care and quality healthcare provider work. For example, healthcare facilities need a reception area, sitting area, physicians’ offices and caregiver workstations.

At Arnold’s, our clients can choose from over 40 reception stations and desks to match your facility’s style and make a great first impression on patients coming in the door. We’ll help you design a welcoming, comfortable reception seating area for patients to wait in. We also understand the importance of having well-furnished offices and workstations so physicians, nurses and other caregivers have the necessary space to complete charts, do research, answer emails and more.

Whether you need desks for private physician offices or open, modular-style workstations to create hubs around your facility, we have the products and services to help you get started.

Office Furniture and Services for Hospitality

Office Furniture and Services for Hospitality

In the hospitality industry, creating comfortable, visually pleasing spaces for your guests is essential. Depending on your layout, hospitality spaces likely won’t need traditional office furniture like cubicles. However, Arnold’s offers office furniture for hospitality like couches, chairs and lounge seating for hotels, lounges and event halls.

Whether you’re looking for furniture with a unique theme, colorful accent pieces or sleek and modern sets, Arnold’s Office Furniture serves the hospitality industry well. As you serve your customers and guests, let us serve you. Our experienced service teams handle delivery and installation so you can continue your services without interruption.

Office Furniture and Services for Education

Educational spaces need to be designed to help students focus and be productive, even with others around. Whether you’re furnishing a classroom, computer lab or teacher’s lounge, we have the pieces you need to provide ideal learning spaces. Well-designed rooms and quality school furniture can help students, teachers and faculty engage more effectively with each other and educational materials.

Regardless of the education level, students need a break from sitting all day. With sit-stand desks, students can switch their perspectives to get their blood moving while still remaining productive. Our benching systems are great options for computer labs and other group work areas because they allow multiple students to work in the same space. Improve your educators’ well-being by cultivating a breakroom or lounge with office furniture for education.

Office Furniture and Services for Law Firms

Office furniture for law firms can say a lot about the firm’s culture and success. Law firms often have a specific aesthetic to show clients they mean business. Whether you’re furnishing private law offices or an open floor plan, you need a solution that will benefit your associates and clients while offering adaptable options.

Private Sunline cubicles from Arnold’s allow lawyers to meet privately with clients while doubling as a personal office space. If you’re looking to create effective conference rooms that still compliment an open floor plan and show off your furniture aesthetic, consider our floor-to-ceiling cubicles. We’ll even handle the installation for you.

Office Furniture and Services for Government

Government entities need quality, reliable office furniture that lets them effectively serve their people. From ergonomic desk chairs to designing cubicle layouts, Arnold’s is proud to provide products and services that help make work possible for federal, state and local government officials. Collaboration is a huge part of government work, so office spaces that allow for quiet, productive work while also letting individuals come together and collaborate are crucial.

Create stunning shared spaces with Sunline boomerang cubicles. Customization options allow government entities to add filing cabinets, shelves, dividers and more to make office furniture for government spaces effective for a variety of roles.

We Serve These Industries, and We Can Serve You

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we have years of experience working with many different types of clients in many different industries. This experience enables us to serve more clients like you. We understand that each client has a unique set of office furniture needs, regardless of what industry you’re categorized in, and we’re prepared to help you meet those needs. In addition to our expansive suite of office furniture products, we provide quality design, delivery and installation services for our clients in every industry.

To find out what we can do for you, contact our team today!

We Serve These Industries, and We Can Serve You