Get White-House Style Furniture for Half the Price


Want your office to look like the Oval Office? Now you can get the exact same office furniture that the president uses, for 50 percent off the usual price.

Kittinger furniture has graced the White House for over 40 years, ever since President Nixon took a look around the homes of other heads of state, and realized that the White House was coming up short. Using his own money, he commissioned Kittinger to completely refurbish the West Wing.

In November of 1969, the company started work on the Cabinet Room, installing a 22.5-foot long table and 24 chairs — one of which was made a few inches taller, so that the president could loom over his colleagues in a suitably intimidating fashion. After that, Kittinger replaced the furniture in the rest of the West Wing. Now, their classic burled wood designs decorate every room from the lobby to the Oval Office.

If you’ve seen photos of our president leaning on his desk or resting his feet on his coffee table, you’ve seen — and unconsciously admired — Kittinger furniture. The company’s website offers a fascinating collage of previous presidents working and relaxing with their fine furniture. Kittinger also furnished the Congress, the Senate, and the offices of world leaders all over the planet.

Now, you can bring this elegance and aura of solid respectability to your own office. Arnolds is currently offering a beautiful Kittinger partners desk, complete with burled wood drawer fronts and brass handles, for $18,500 — nearly half off the standard pricetag of $35,000.


Your clients will know they’re in good hands when they see this desk sitting in your office, and you’ll know that you’ve got the very best office furniture that money can buy. In this case, you’ll also know that you paid a lot less of that money than almost anyone else who owns one of these, presidents and heads of state included.

This desk comes with a plaque of authenticity, complete with serial number, so you know what you’re getting. Not that you’ll have any doubt when you see this gorgeous piece of office furniture. It’s more like a piece of art than an ordinarily piece of office equipment.


We don’t get these pieces in every day, so this is a rare opportunity to get the very best office furniture for half what the other guys paid. Pop in and ask to see the Kittinger partners desk today.

Images: Arnolds Office Furniture.