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Open Plan VS Cubicle

Cubicles used to be the norm in the workplace. In the last 10 or 15 years, though, many offices have switched to open plan. Now, about 70 percent of office workers spend their days in an open office.

The popularity of the open layout grew as the tech startups in Silicon Valley grew. Their open office plans were mostly a result of their initial lack of funds and furniture, but other businesses started to associate open office spaces with the creativity and innovation of tech startups. More and more businesses started adopting the open layout to increase collaboration and inventiveness.

If you're trying to decide between an open layout and a cubicle layout for your workplace, it's important to consider the pros and cons of each plan.

Open Plan

The Great Debate about Office Layouts and the Aspect of Furniture

In the landscape of office design, there is much debate about open plan vs. standard cubicles. Many were quick to announce the triumph of open floor plan and declare traditional offices, that have been around since 1967, completely obsolete. Tech companies and giants like Google were early adopters and they still swear by this innovative layout. Consequently, many other organizations are reorganizing their premises, as they see cubicles as impersonal, cramped, and impractical.

Commerical Office SpaceRemote EmployeesFocus Boostmeeting space

5 Signs It’s Time to Move into Commercial Office Space

There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life when the only thing left to do is move out of the shabby home office and into a brand new piece of commercial real estate. As the wheels of your corporate wagon start to turn faster, you’ll have to make space for expansion – sometimes even quite literally so. But how exactly can you tell the time has come to relocate your line of business to commercial office space?

Sustain Business Brand VisibilityTalentWorkplace Safety

Why Should You Embrace Sustainability in Your Business?

If you’ve been following business trends, you probably know that sustainability has been making huge waves across industries over the past few years. The spike in popularity of eco-safe business conduct is the result of decades-long environmentalist campaigns and a recent rise of awareness about the benefits the switch to the green mode of operation entails for eco-minded brands. So, what gains exactly can your brand get by adjusting its operation to sustainable? Is the transition to the green mode truly worth it?

Co-Working Space Increased ProductivityStart Up

8 Reasons Why Co-Working Space Works for Startups

Co-working offices went wildly popular among digital nomads around the world in the past few years, and for a good reason. A cost-efficient alternative to classic commercial real estate rentals and home offices, the collaborative workspace concept quickly won a place in entrepreneurs’ and freelancers’ hearts, but its advance into the 21st-century businesses arena didn’t stop there. Soon after independent professionals jumped on the co-working wagon, up-and-coming brands began to take interest in collaborative offices, which marked the beginning of a new chapter in the history of small and medium-size enterprises. But why did co-working spaces become such a huge hit among startups and what benefits will a small business get by relocating its line of work to a collaborative office?

Office Moving and Relocation Checklist

In the world of business few things are set in stone, and office location is by no means one of them. As your brand starts to grow and scoop up heftier profits, you may find that moving to a bigger office or a piece of commercial real estate closer to downtown, is a smart corporate move. Nevertheless, office moves can be tricky business that can rob your company of precious resources, time, and energy unless planned ahead of time and executed with care. To avoid unwarranted relocation hassle, use this simple checklist and organize the move like a true-blue CRE hopper.

Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace: 2017 Office Design Trends

With another fiscal year slowly drawing to its timely end, entrepreneurs are drafting financial reports and counting blessings and milestones ticked off in the pursuit of corporate growth. But while business sharks are still looking back and poring over final statements and annual business reviews, interior designers have their eyes on the future already and are preparing for the year to come with fresh office design trends. So, what will the year ahead bring to workplace design arenas, and which elements will we be seeing more and more of in the year to come?

Working out at work Exercise at work

Stay Active at Work With These Six Tips!

Employees who sit at a desk all day are prone to chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol. Unless you have a sit-stand desk, you're more than likely sitting eight plus hours a day at work. Having motivation to workout after those eight hours or even having the time can be extremely difficult. So why not workout during one of your breaks or lunch? Even if your work doesn't have its own gym, it's still possible to get a workout in with the help of these six tips!

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