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Co-Working Space Increased ProductivityStart Up

8 Reasons Why Co-Working Space Works for Startups

Co-working offices went wildly popular among digital nomads around the world in the past few years, and for a good reason. A cost-efficient alternative to classic commercial real estate rentals and home offices, the collaborative workspace concept quickly won a place in entrepreneurs’ and freelancers’ hearts, but its advance into the 21st-century businesses arena didn’t stop there. Soon after independent professionals jumped on the co-working wagon, up-and-coming brands began to take interest in collaborative offices, which marked the beginning of a new chapter in the history of small and medium-size enterprises. But why did co-working spaces become such a huge hit among startups and what benefits will a small business get by relocating its line of work to a collaborative office?

Office Moving and Relocation Checklist

In the world of business few things are set in stone, and office location is by no means one of them. As your brand starts to grow and scoop up heftier profits, you may find that moving to a bigger office or a piece of commercial real estate closer to downtown, is a smart corporate move. Nevertheless, office moves can be tricky business that can rob your company of precious resources, time, and energy unless planned ahead of time and executed with care. To avoid unwarranted relocation hassle, use this simple checklist and organize the move like a true-blue CRE hopper.

Modern Workplace

Modern Workplace: 2017 Office Design Trends

With another fiscal year slowly drawing to its timely end, entrepreneurs are drafting financial reports and counting blessings and milestones ticked off in the pursuit of corporate growth. But while business sharks are still looking back and poring over final statements and annual business reviews, interior designers have their eyes on the future already and are preparing for the year to come with fresh office design trends. So, what will the year ahead bring to workplace design arenas, and which elements will we be seeing more and more of in the year to come?

Working out at work Exercise at work

Stay Active at Work With These Six Tips!

Employees who sit at a desk all day are prone to chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol. Unless you have a sit-stand desk, you're more than likely sitting eight plus hours a day at work. Having motivation to workout after those eight hours or even having the time can be extremely difficult. So why not workout during one of your breaks or lunch? Even if your work doesn't have its own gym, it's still possible to get a workout in with the help of these six tips!

Let’s Talk About A Healthy and Safe Workplace Environment

We all know that workplace design affects productivity and work motivation, but its impact on the workflow doesn’t stop at the visual level. Unlike in the past, employees today won’t buy into lavish office trims and call it an ideal work environment: the features that business sharks want to see in their workplace now are closely linked to safety and comfort, not just aesthetics. The growing awareness of the effect of workplace ergonomics on wellbeing is fueling a change in office design. If you want to make your corporate HQ a hotbed of both employee satisfaction and peak output, here are some of the most important elements you should keep an eye out for.

Decorate Halloween Cubicle

Six Ways to Make Your Cubicle Stand Out This Halloween!

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is the perfect time to let your creativity shine. If your office allows, go above and beyond this year and have a little fun decorating your office cubicle or workstation. If you’re not creative, don’t worry! Below is a list of six different ways that will make your cubicle stand out this Halloween season.
Coworking Space Dos and Don'ts Cowork Space Dos and Don'ts

Coworking Space Design Dos and Don’ts

Coworking has been around for about a decade now, but it’s only recent that it came into global limelight.Now that it’s gone all-out pop among both freelancers and startups, collaborative spaces are springing up in major world cities at the speed of light. Judging by the popularity hike, coworking will soon become a mainstream. Brands looking to profit on the margin between office rentals and monthly membership fees, will need to invest a little more effort and money in the collaborative workplace design if they want to stay competitive and get an upper hand over other names in the industry. But what features should a cowork office have, and how can young coworking brands avoid common design pitfalls that can cost thousands in profits over the long haul?

Ode to the Cubicle Robert Probst of Herman Miller

Ode to the Cubicle

Cubicle is a brilliant word.

It's a concise term and is well known throughout the working world. When you hear the word 'cubicle', you visualize a workstation. The workstation is surrounded by walls and filled with accolades and knick-knacks that help personalize the space. It’s where the office chair rolls from file cabinet to file cabinet. Where work legends are made through a tireless career in hopes of one day making the company Hall of Fame. And when that glorious day arrives, and you begin your office induction speech, be sure to thank your trusty cubicle.

A Corporate First: Ultimate Guide to Finding Your First Office Space

Finding First Office

Young businesses eager to carve off a piece of profit cake for themselves are often faced with a pressing dilemma when it comes to the choice of adequate office space. The commercial real estate market has changed considerably over the past decade fueled by a shift in the demand landscape, and one of the novelties recent market developments brought to the table is the growth of co-working industry. Right now, up-and-coming companies have a host of workplace options they can choose from based on their corporate needs, number of employees, and available budget.  This can make finding your first office space a daunting task.  If you’re uncertain as which of the many options provides the best backdrop for your company’s growth, you may want to take a closer look at the popular office picks and their perks and downsides.

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