DIY: Convert a Rolling Chair into a Stationary Chair


Office chairs are known for their casters and wheels. However, there may come a time when you want to convert your mobile office chair into a stationary one. Today, we’ll be showing you a quick and easy way to remove the wheels off the bottom of your chair.


  • Screwdriver
  • Adhesive
  • Padding (such as a corkscrew, felt and rubber) or Chair Glides
  • Rubber Mallet


1. Turn the chair over so that the wheels are facing you and not on the ground.

2. Examine the chair to determine how the wheels should be removed.

3. Typically there are two ways you can remove the wheels. If the wheels are not held in by bolts, carefully pull out the wheels at its base. If the wheels are held in by bolts, take a screwdriver and release the wheels that way.

4. After removing the wheels, the next step is for you to add the protective covering to the legs of the chair. The protective leg covering, either in the form of chair glides or your choice of padding, protects your floors from scratches and scuffs.

5. If you’re using chair glides, attach the glides to the legs of your chair. Gently hammer in the glides in with a rubber mallet.

6. If you’re using protective padding, apply glue onto the material and attach it to the leg of the chair. Dry the padding based on the instructions from the adhesive.


– Before sitting in the chair, test it for stability. Turn the chair upright and slowly sit down in it.

Photo credit: *katz / Source / CC BY-NC