10 Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Office Cubicle

Christmas cubicle office decorations

Holidays are the most fun time to work at an office. There are loads of baked goods in the break room and lots of excuses to cancel meetings in favor of impromptu parties. Also, it’s a great reason to decorate your cubicle. (Sometimes with candy.)

1. Cubicle Village

For those of us who always wanted to live in the winter village at the local mall, these office cubicles covered in wrapping paper are the ultimate holiday decorating scheme. Also, they have fake roofs. Who hasn’t wished for a roof to their cube?

2. Cubicle Menorah

What’s better than a menorah for your cubicle? How about a menorah with a fan in it? You can observe Hanukkah and stay cool at the same time. Excellent for use in offices that turn the heat on in October and just leave it cranked up all winter long.

3. Cubicle Kinara

Bring Kwanzaa to your cubicle with this display, including a kinara, cup, corn, and decorative mat.

4. Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree

The Charlie Brown Christmas special was the highlight of many of our childhoods, to the point where we didn’t really even identify it with a specific holiday. It was sort of its own annual event. Now you can recreate that in your cubicle with your own sad little Christmas tree. As Lucy would say, “What a tree!”

5. Gift Wrapped Cubicle

Do you think every day in your office is a gift? No? Well, maybe some festive wrapping paper would change your mind.

6. Gift Wrapped Desk

The only thing funnier than a gift wrapped cubicle is a gift wrapped desk. Combine the two, and you have a holiday prank that would make Dwight Schrute quail in his boots.

7. Fake Snow

Fake snow is the best kind of snow. It’s still pretty, it’s not cold, and you never have to shovel it. (OK, at the end of the holiday season, you might want to get rid of it. But then you can just borrow a vacuum cleaner from maintenance and avoid the whole back strain issue entirely.)

8. Candy Cubicle

OK, this isn’t necessarily a holiday-themed cubicle, but candy always puts us in a festive mood. If we had this cubicle, we would work overtime. So take note of that, employers.

9. He’s Making a List

Want to remind your coworkers that Santa is always watching? Put the merry old elf and all eight of his of reindeer on your cubicle wall. Great for making your next-door neighbor nervous about stealing your stapler.

10. Gingerbread Cubicle

This is where the witch in Hansel and Gretel would live if she were a mid-level manager at your company. The gingerbread cubicle looks delicious, but still tastes like recycled reports. Just a reminder.

Photo credit: Liren Chen / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA