The Best Colors for Office Desks

The Best Colors for Office Desks

Color options for office desks used to be limited. Now, you can get a desk in nearly any color. With so many choices, deciding which color desk you should get can be hard. Your desk’s color is important, and some encourage productivity more than others.

Why Does Office Desk Color Matter?

The color of your office desks affects workers’ attitudes and moods and overall efficiency. Using the right colors can encourage positive working habits, while the wrong hues can negatively affect the workspace. The color desk you should get for your office depends on the type of environment you want to work in.

The desk is the focal point of an office, so its color matters from a design standpoint. Your office can benefit from a monochrome color scheme or a palette of color combinations. Colors and shades can work together to encourage high energy, concentration and job satisfaction.

Best Desks Colors for Productivity

Traditional office desks are wood, ranging from light to dark. Though wood desks are still popular, more colors have become accepted for office desks.

Office desks come in many hues, so you have a range of choices to select from — options are virtually unlimited. Some of the best colors for office productivity include:

  • Yellow: Yellow is best for productivity because it encourages positive attitudes and creative thinking.
  • Blue: Blue is a peaceful color that brings relaxation into the workplace. It also represents logic and efficiency and can improve mental performance.
  • Green: Green is connected to balance and growth, encouraging perception and innovation. The eyes also adjust to green easily, making it an ideal color for any time of day.
  • Red: Red is a bold, invigorating color of excitement and energy. This color is best if your work involves physical tasks.
  • White: White is a light color that suggests peace and calmness. These moods are ideal for a collaborative workspace.

Get Colorful Desks for Your Office at Arnold’s Office Furniture

Get Colorful Desks for Your Office at Arnold’s Office Furniture

Arnold’s Office Furniture has several color options between our desks and cubicles. Our wide selection of desks has many wood grain options, from the dark Newport Espresso desk to the bright Tiburon Cherry desk. Our Sunline cubicles come in charcoal, light gray and blue to complement your office’s color scheme.

Browse our office desks online and request a quote for your order. For further information about our office desk colors, contact us.

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