Our 10 Best Reception and Guest Chairs for 2022

Your reception area is one of the first parts of the office that outsiders see. The best office guest chairs are stylish and comfortable to give your visitors a great first impression.

To help you choose, we have the best guest and reception chairs in 2022 in one place. Check out our list to find your favorite!

Top Picks for Guest and Reception Seating

Our best waiting room chairs are:

1. Padded Lumbar Support Office Guest Chair

The Padded Lumbar Support Office Guest Chair is a thickly padded chair made with black leather upholstery. This chair has built-in lumbar support and thickly padded armrests for long-term comfort.

2. Luna Lounge Chair

The Luna Lounge Chair consists of a thin metal frame, a great leather sofa back and a thick cushion for ultimate comfort. Its unique architecture can add diversity and intrigue to your office space.

3. Sofia II Set

Our Sofia II Set comes in leather, polyvinyl or fabric exteriors. Choose from different colors and sizes to give your guests a roomy couch or chair.

4. Pod Chairs

Pod Chairs are round office chairs from Sunline. Your guests can sit comfortably in these unique pods while waiting for meetings.

5. Sled Base Cushion Seat

The Sled Base Cushion Seat is sleek and stylish in any waiting room. Plus, the mesh back and armrests offer plenty of support.

6. NS Sofa Set

The NS Sofa Set is exclusive to Arnold’s Office Furniture. You can choose from either a single- or three-seat option to fit your space.

7. FL Reception Seating

Our FL Reception Seating is a widely customizable sofa arrangement from Sunline. You can add or remove end tables, sections and armrests and choose colors to match your space.

8. Sofa II Reception Seating

Our Sofa II Reception Seating is a classic leather sofa that fits in any office space. Impress your clients with a sturdy leather, polyvinyl or fabric couch.

9. Jason Reception Line

The Jason Reception Line will brighten up your office space. The wood tones and colored fabric lighten up any area, and you can add storage as needed.

10. Light, Cushioned Office Guest Chair

Our Light, Cushioned Office Guest Chair has padded leather upholstery. If you want a sturdy chair that will last for years, our leather office chair is an excellent choice.

Shop the Best Office Reception Seating From Arnold’s

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