The 10 Craziest Holiday Office Decorations

During the holiday season, the average cubicle dweller might tack up a stocking on his used office furniture or throw up a string of blinky lights on her wall. Maybe someone will even go the extra mile and put out a bowl of candy canes for passersby.

If someone is a little more festive, he might don a pair of headphones and listen to that radio station that plays Christmas music 24-7. Sure he has the holiday spirit – but he doesn’t want to shove it down his co-worker’s throats.

However, the folks behind the following office decorations are not your average cubicle dwellers. They not only embrace the Christmas spirit, they paid for its college tuition and bought it a new Range Rover (topped with a big red bow, of course).

They’re the ones who arrive at work the Monday after Thanksgiving wearing jingle bell necklaces, tacky holiday sweaters and a Santa hat that they only take off (begrudgingly) on Dec. 26.

Go grab another glass of egg nog, pull up your chair and get inspired by the possibilities for the Christmas decor in your office this year.

Here are the top 10 craziest holiday office decorations:

1. I’m Dreaming of a Clean Christmas


Admittedly, this guy has a cleanliness problem. We’re pretty sure there’s fruitcake from a couple years ago buried under those boxes and we’re not too confident about the freshness of those candy canes on the corner of his desk, either. Still, you gotta love the fact that, despite his inability to maintain even the smallest amount of order on his desk, he took the time to create such a charming holiday scene on his wall – complete with giant candy, a 3-D gingerbread house and a bikini-clad gingerbread lady (yowzas!). Of course, he could have just gone the route of our next guy – and simply covered up the mess.

Gingerbread Mess Puuikibeach on Flickr

2. Away in a Cubicle


This person didn’t let the fact that she was evidently surrounded by an office full of grinches deter her from sharing the Christmas spirit Clark Griswold-style. More power too her (literally – how much electricity is she sucking up?)! There’s no such thing as too many lights – especially when they’re covering up all that pesky work you’re forced to do.

Cubicle Lights courtesy of

3. There’s No Place Like Work for the Holidays


If all that overtime has you feeling like you see more of your office than your house, why not just bring your house to you? We applaud the brilliant use of Christmas lights to create that glowing roof and we’re impressed by the extra steps this person took by wrapping the ceiling tiles in red, too. We’re pretty sure HR won’t be happy about the web of extension cords on the floor (that’s a tripping hazard!) and our grandma is pretty mad that you stole her lit Santa and Mrs. Claus statues.

Santa Claus Lights courtesy of

4. Oh Brewski Tree, Oh Brewski Tree!

This conference room beer tree is not only a display of ingenuity (we love the beer case star topping this tannenbaum), but also bravery. After all, as soon as this person’s boss finds this little homage to drunken yuletide revery, he’s probably going to start reviewing some security tape to find out what his employees are doing after hours. He might also ask the same question we have: What happened to Santa’s legs?

Beer tree Jeremy Vandel on Flickr

5. All I Want For Christmas Is a Brand New Desk


Who wouldn’t want to walk into work only to find all of their boring, old office supplies replaced by colorful presents? We’re guessing this guy will be living the dream until he starts unwrapping those aforementioned boring, old office supplies. Bah humbug indeed.

Wrapped desk AussieGold on Flickr

6. Here Comes Creepy Claus

Judging by the decoration choices this guy made, we get the distinct feeling he’s not really expressing his love of the holidays so much as his love of disturbing dummies. We’re sure Santa is a big Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan, but we’re not as convinced he’d appreciate the crumpled up Doritos bags being used as Christmas ornaments on that tree. The next person who walks into this cube might just have a nightmare before Christmas.

Creepy Santa amcclung on Flickr

7. Walking in an Office Wonderland


If “Project Runway’s” Tim Gunn were to walk into this office, we have a feeling he’d say “Hmm, that’s a lot of look.” While we admire their thoroughness and apparent enthusiasm for sparkly things, we can’t help but feeling that the entire “trim-a-tree” section of the local Walmart just threw up in here.

Tinsel Town courtesy of Queen Bee Blog

8. The Island of Re-Gifted Toys


These guys wanted to make sure everyone in the office from Accounting to Sales knew exactly where they could drop off gifts for the holiday toy drive. That’s why they festooned their little office nook with the very festive gift-wrapped walls, candy canes, red and green balloons, and, uh, palm tree fronds (hey! maybe they’re Floridians). Bonus points for a wall-eye shot that makes Christmas in the Islands look oh-so inviting.

Toys courtesy of Queen Bee Blog

9. I’ll Be Here for Christmas

Sometimes it’s not enough just to hang up a giant candy cane and call it a day. Sometimes you have to re-create an entire street-scape from a beloved holiday movie to really get in the spirit. Who cares that everyone now has to duck to get in and out of their cubicles? Heck, they don’t even have to go home for the holidays – these guys brought home to them. Can everyone say overtime?

Brick Houses courtesy of

10. Do They Know It’s Christmas? (Feed the World – Candy!)

We think employees should approach this office with caution. For one, the delectable treats adorning those walls will probably send you on an hour-long sugar rush before leaving you to crash on your keyboard in a post-candy-feast afternoon slump. And secondly, anyone ever hear of “Hansel & Gretel”? How do you know there isn’t some bitter co-worker in there waiting to throw you in an oven and eat your for lunch – or worse, force you to organize the office holiday party?

Gingerbread Cubicle courtesy of AndrewCanion on Flickr