Office Furniture and Cubicles in Phoenix

Looking to spruce up your Phoenix-based workplace with some modern office furniture? Arnold’s Office Furniture is your top shop for contemporary office furniture and so much more. Arnold’s space-plans, project manages, advises, delivers and installs new office furniture in and around Phoenix, AZ, for medium and large businesses. As a bonus, we provide all these high-quality services for a low price, so you can take your office from drab to fab while saving money!

Whether you’re looking for open plan office furniture and office cubicles near Phoenix, Peoria, Scottsdale, Tempe or Glendale, Arnold’s has you covered in “Arizona’s Urban Heart!”

Arnold’s Office Furniture Options for Businesses in Phoenix, AZ

At Arnold’s, we pride ourselves on being project-based instead of selling single pieces of office furniture. From designing the floor plan to installing the cubicles, we work with medium-sized and large businesses to create their ideal office space. Our reputation as a dependable outlet for full office furniture services, from design to delivery and installation, has made Arnold’s the go-to place for modern office furniture in Phoenix and beyond. We’ve successfully completed nearly 1,000 office furniture projects across the nation.

We offer a wide range of open plan workstations, hundreds of new office cubicles and other types of business office furniture in and around Phoenix, AZ, and nationwide. In addition to desks, chairs, conference tables and reception and lounge furniture, we are the sole distributor of the Sunline Simple Cubicle series — the future of office cubicles.

Just recently made available in North America, Sunline sliding cubicles are lightweight and durable, and they come in different sizes, colors, heights and finish combinations. The sliding feature of Sunline cubicles makes it easy for office workers to slide the walls open for collaboration or shut them for extra privacy and concentration. The best part? Sunline sliding cubicle panels don’t require any tools for assembly.

Whether you’re looking for office cubicles in Phoenix or office furniture installation in Phoenix, we’ve got you covered. Arnold’s expert team of office layout designers is trained to optimize office space, streamline the flow of foot traffic and create spaces that inspire human interaction. Once we’ve worked with you to draw up the perfect floor plan for your office, Arnold’s will take care of the delivery and staging processes for you, too.

Thanks to Arnold’s convenient full office furniture services setup, you can have the office space of your dreams after just three simple steps:

1. Get Help on Your Office Furniture Project From Arnold’s

Request a free quote from Arnold’s by either completing our contact form or calling us. Then begin immediately working with an Arnold’s office furniture professional who will guide you through selecting the products that are right for your space, time and budget.

2. Choose the Best Products for Your Project With Arnold’s

Your dedicated sales rep will work alongside one of our expert in-house computer-aided design (CAD) designers. We will provide as many complimentary space planning designs as it takes until we decide upon the layout that works best for your office space. This helps us remove any guesswork from your project and ensure a swift, clean installation.

3. Complete the Project

Once we’ve agreed on a proposal and placed the order, our experienced operations team will safely secure the product you ordered within our 150,000 square feet of warehouse space. Then, they will set up a smooth delivery plan that meets your office building’s receiving conditions and coordinate a crew of professional installers to finish the job. If you ever need anything throughout this process, we’re only a quick email or phone call away!

Office Design Considerations in Phoenix

Office design trends in Phoenix are as cool as the city is hot, so it’s important to keep your office space up to date and on the cutting-edge of the industry. And considering how much time is spent at the office every day, an office building’s aesthetic and functionality can significantly impact employees’ overall satisfaction and productivity. While a well-designed workstation can positively affect work quality, it can more importantly boost employee morale and increase worker retention over time.

When thinking about your office design in Phoenix, keep these three key office layout features in mind:

1. Function

In its purest form, an office is a place to get work done. Based on this concept, every aspect of a workspace should serve a practical purpose and operate efficiently. This means office furniture should be designed and placed in a way that best suits the needs of both employees and customers. For example, an office building’s floor plan should facilitate a natural flow of foot traffic and the furniture should be comfortable to use.

2. Visual Appeal

Just because an office has to be functional does not mean it can’t be stylish and aesthetically pleasing. An office that’s both nice to look at and practical will make workers happier and more productive. Achieving this visual appeal is why so many offices use quick fixes like attractive and durable materials to upholster furniture pieces such as sofas and window dressings. The materials are tough enough to withstand frequent use while giving the room a warm and inviting charm.

3. Fine Details

The colors, accent pieces, artwork and other details you choose when designing your layout can set the tone for your office space. It may not seem like a big deal, but even something as small as the reading materials you keep in your workplace’s lobby can affect the office’s overall mood. If you want to create a welcoming and comforting environment, consider incorporating strategic pops of color or using soothing hues for the walls, such as pastel shades.

Why Choose Arnold’s for Office Furniture in Phoenix?

For modern office furniture in Phoenix, look no further than Arnold’s Office Furniture. Our more than 90 years of business experience sets us apart from the competition and proves we know how to put together a stunning office space from start to finish — we’ve been doing it for years! Arnold’s will help you create an office that meets all your medium-sized or large business’s needs while keeping up with the latest office design trends for Phoenix businesses.

Arnold’s is more than just an office furniture distributor — we work with you side by side through the designing, planning, product ordering, delivery, assembly and staging phases of creating your new office space. You can avoid wandering through a massive warehouse alone or scouring the internet for office furniture. Arnold’s makes constructing a new workspace fun by guiding you through each step. We’ll advise you about the tough design decisions and work out the delivery details so you experience as little stress as possible.

Arnold’s is your place for the best variety of office floor plan designs and the most up-to-date office furniture inventory. Once you’ve settled on your new layout, Arnold’s will ensure everything you order gets delivered directly to your office building and is installed correctly. From desk assembly to office cubicle installation in Phoenix, our expert installation team will do whatever it takes to make sure you’re satisfied with your new office’s look.

If you’d prefer to see the office furniture in person at our showroom near Philadelphia before committing to a large project, Arnold’s will pay for your plane ticket from Phoenix!

Contact Arnold’s Office Furniture for Office Furniture in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re looking for office furniture and office furniture installation in Phoenix, AZ, contact Arnold’s Office Furniture to find out how we can make your office layout vision a reality. At Arnold’s, we’re dedicated to designing an office space you’ll love, which is why we walk with you every step of the way — from floor plan design to furniture assembly. Let us show you why we’re the best choice for office design in Phoenix — call us today!


Office Furniture Delivery and Installation in Phoenix, AZ at a Great Price

Delivery and Installation prices for new and used office furniture in Phoenix, AZ charges are based on distance from our warehouses as well as the complexity of the installation. A simple installation might be as low as $150 per workstation, whereas a more complex installation might cost up to $400 per unit. In every case, we will work hard to secure the lowest prices in your area.

For a free quote, call 866-674-4527 or complete our contact form with as much detail as possible, and an office furniture professional will call you right away to get you started in the right direction!