New Office Furniture in Raleigh, NC

Is it time to give your office space the refresh it deserves? New office furniture can make your workspace look stylish and give your employees an inspiring working environment.

Office furniture plays a more pivotal role than many business leaders realize. Providing well-designed office spaces for your workers can help them enjoy their time in the office and appreciate their visually appealing cubicle or desk. Ensure your workplace has a trendy design and fashionable furniture.

Arnold’s provides new office furniture installation in Raleigh, NC. We are industry leaders in office furniture and cubicles, and our team can provide advice on office design trends.

Office Design Considerations in Raleigh, NC

Many factors influence your office space design concerns. From the lighting to the furniture, it’s essential to include everything your company needs to have a comfortable workspace. If you’re aiming to design a more productive office in Raleigh, NC, check out some crucial elements you can implement at your company.

  • Functionality: Designing an office with functionality in mind can help create a productive workspace. If you’ve updated your workplace for a modern look, but it’s challenging to use, you might run into some issues. It’s best to have appealing, practical filing cabinets, desks, chairs and other office furniture. An orderly office space should also have clean desks and open walkways.
  • Sound absorption: A noisy office can be distracting to employees and affect productivity. When different teams are meeting or collaborating, it may get out of hand if you forget to design your office with sound absorption in mind. Adding cubicle partitions, carpet and other sound-absorbing office features can help keep your office at a comfortable noise level.
  • Light: Lighting in an office is a crucial element of the workspace design. A well-lit office provides a bright environment for employees to be productive. Natural lighting is also a factor to consider implementing when designing a workspace.

When you design your office space, don’t forget to add quality furniture. You can buy modern office furniture in Raleigh and across the country.

Choosing the Right Cubicles and Office Furniture for Your Raleigh Office

You can find quality office cubicles in Raleigh, NC, at Arnold’s. We are the sole distributor of Sunline cubicles, and we are ready to provide them for your entire team. Our Sunline sliding cubicles will be an ideal addition to your office and offer the functionality and modern look that will take any workspace to the next level. Your employees will appreciate these high-quality workstations.

At Arnold’s, we can provide office furniture delivery in Raleigh, NC. We are ready to provide our design and installation expertise to transform your workplace.

How to Design and Lay Out an Office in Raleigh

How to Design and Lay Out an Office in Raleigh

Is your workspace in line with the current office design trends in Raleigh, NC? Workplaces need an update as time passes. Modern office furniture and a well-planned layout will make your team more productive and efficient.

You can update your office by adding high-quality furniture. It’s helpful to research various options and learn what can be most beneficial to your company.

Having a comfortable, approachable lobby is pivotal to your office layout. Your lobby welcomes your employees daily and gives guests the first impression of your company. Designing this area to be inviting will boost your office space’s appeal.

When you design your office, make sure to incorporate storage. Installing cabinets and drawers for quick, easy organization will help keep the office clean and functional.

It’s also critical to consider your available space when creating a floor plan. Doing so will help you decide how many cubicles your office needs and where you will place them to maximize your layout.

Arnold’s Office Furniture has the skills and knowledge to update office design for Raleigh businesses. Rely on our experienced professionals to help plan your update.

Why Choose Arnold’s for Office Furniture in Raleigh?

Out of all the Raleigh office furniture companies, Arnold’s will help make your workspace vision come to life. Arnold’s Office Furniture provides reliable service and high-quality products at an affordable cost. We employ our knowledge, create floor plans, have detail-oriented project managers, deliver your order and offer office cubicle installation in Raleigh, NC, and throughout the country.

From start to finish, our team at Arnold’s will provide excellent service. Here is what you can expect from our buying process.

  1. Reach out for help on your office layout project: As you begin your search for new office furniture, fill out our online contact form or call us. We will connect you with one of the professionals on our team, and they’ll guide you through the design process and show you product options. We will also discuss your office space size and budget.
  2. Select from the top office products: When you work with Arnold’s, you’ll have access to our entire catalog of quality products. Your sales expert will collaborate with one of our in-house designers to create different office space designs that will fit your requirements. We will work until we produce your desired office layout.
  3. We’re ready for the project: Once you choose your ideal office design and agree on a quote, we will get to work on your order. Our operations team will receive your new furniture and store it in our spacious warehouse until it’s time to bring everything to your office. We will deliver your furniture efficiently, and our professional installers will complete the setup to meet your satisfaction. Your office will look new, functional and ready for many productive workdays.

Whether you’re looking for open floor plan office furniture or cubicles near Raleigh, Garner, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, Durham and Wake Forest, Arnold’s has you covered in the City of Oaks!

Office Furniture Delivery and Installation in the Raleigh Area

Office Furniture Delivery and Installation in the Raleigh Area

From coast to coast, Arnold’s has guided many successful office design projects from a blank floor plan to fully furnished office space.We are ready to provide your whole office with new furniture. We have completed extensive installations of new office cubicles, open-plan office layouts and new office furniture options for companies in and around Raleigh, NC, and across the United States.

If you’re ready to find help designing your office space, choose Arnold’s. You can request a quote online and tell us about your workspace.