SUNLINE Cubicles: Fast Delivery, Easy Installation, Effortless Replacement

Outfit your office space quickly with our unique sliding panel workstations and cubicles. Since our product is stocked on-hand in our east coast warehouse, we’re able to offer quick shipping nationwide. Fast shipping means fast delivery, and with the with the Sunline system, it also means fast assembly. Our unique cubicle system slides together panel-by-panel and requires little tools or installation knowledge, you’ll be able to quickly assemble an entire office in hours instead of days or even weeks, like other systems. Add in our free design planning services and financing options and we make buying cubicles not only fast, but easy

Quick Nationwide Shipping

Since our product is kept in stock, we’re able to ship quickly nationwide. Fast arrival of your product means you can plan your office setup in a pinch. Whether you need a few cubicles or few hundred cubicles – we can help you get your office underway in the blink of an eye!

Easy Installation

Our easy set up cubicles slide together and require little installation knowledge. We even have a downloadable app (and PDF if you’d prefer to print your directions) that shows 3D, step-by-step assembly instructions. If you’re not interested in assembling the system yourself – no problem. We offer white-glove installation service as well.

Complimentary Design, Layout, and Planning Services

Whether you’re looking for something that can fit 20 people or 200 people, we can help you design the perfect space – for free. We offer design services free of charge to all of our customers who purchase their office cubicles from us. Interested in designing your space yourself? Download our Office Design Guide and get all the tips and tricks for designing your perfect space. 

Effortless Replacement

If a panel or section gets damaged (whether from natural disasters like floods, heavy rain, hurricanes, earthquakes, mudslides, or any other type of damage), no need to replace the whole cubicle, our easy-to-replace panels allow you to slide the damaged panels out and slide the new panels in without having to rebuild or replace the whole system. Saving you and your company thousands of dollars and hours of labor. Just give us a call and we’re happy to help you get your replacement pieces on their way.

The Added Benefits of Sliding Panels

Panels not damaged? Just looking for an office refresh? You can add panels and build your cubicles taller, making them into a more private workspace, or switch your fabric panels to glass, giving your space a more modern feel. Our sliding panels are interchangeable, customizable, and flexible – allowing for complete workspace freedom

Take the Next Step Towards a Quick, Flexible Workspace

Fast nationwide shipping, easy installation, effortless panel replacement that doesn’t require a full workstation overhaul – Arnold’s has the perfect, cost-efficient (financing available) modular office cubicle system that offers unparalleled flexibility to quickly and easily outfit your office space. We can deliver and assemble items after-hours or on weekends, so you can get the products you need when you need them. 

Ready to get started? Request a free quote for your new office cubicles and office furniture today.