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Are you looking to enhance your call center's layout? Step up your game by adding 4 x 2 office cubicles from Arnold's Office Furniture. We offer new cubicle systems from Sunline that will transform your work areas and increase employee productivity. They'll also add a noticeable touch of style to your office decor.

Benefits of 4 x 2 Call Center Cubicles

The 4 x 2 cubicle offers the ideal size and configuration for any call center environment. It provides sufficient desk space for a computer and any other office equipment operators require to do their jobs efficiently. It also enables enough privacy to prevent disruptions during telephone conversations with customers. The ability to place multiple operators in a relatively small area fosters a more collaborative work setting.

4 x 2 Cubicles Help You Save Money

Call centers in Fortune 500 companies or other large organizations typically employ hundreds or even thousands of operators across multiple locations. One of the most important advantages of choosing Sunline 4 x 2 cubicles from Arnold’s is the substantial cost savings you’ll receive. Expect to spend half as much as when purchasing products from our larger competitors, resulting in a noticeable boost to your bottom line.

Why Choose Sunline Cubicles?

Sunline cubicles consist of a modern design with enough flexibility to fit into any office space. They’re also modular, ensuring fast, easy assembly — two individuals can complete the task in less than an hour with minimal tools. Choose from various colors and an assortment of customization options to tailor your cubicles to your unique office environment. With these benefits, it’s no wonder Sunline products are the preferred choice for industry leaders such as American Airlines, Panasonic and Amazon.

Experience the Arnold’s Advantage

Arnold’s Office Furniture is proud to be the exclusive supplier of Sunline office cubicles. When you partner with us, you get:

  • More than 90 years of office furniture experience and expertise.
  • Around-the-clock access to our sales team whenever you need assistance.
  • Nationwide installation and design service for your convenience.
  • Complimentary design services with every order to help you optimize your office.

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