Sunline Custom Boardroom Tables

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Custom Boardroom Tables

A boardroom is one of the most important locations in a commercial space. These areas are meeting grounds for executives and directors at the top of a company. Depending on the structure of your business, a boardroom might seat dozens of important employees to hold meetings about finances, goals and where departments will focus efforts.

At Arnold’s Office Furniture, we want our customers to have an impressive setup for presentations and open discussions. As your exclusive Sunline dealer, we provide custom boardroom table options to leave a positive first impression with those visiting the office. We’ll help you launch your next mission with plenty of room for everyone.

What Is a Boardroom Table?

Boardroom tables are the focal point of conference areas. Companies of all sizes typically have dedicated rooms for planning objectives, and a boardroom table makes it easy for attendees to see the main speaker. Boardroom tables are usually larger than standard desks and other writing surfaces.

Arnold’s prides itself on offering customers custom boardroom tables to fit any setting. We specialize in wooden finishes to match your office environment, and our experts take the time to listen to the details surrounding your building to craft unique solutions.

Custom Boardroom Table Options

Designing your own boardroom table is the best way to reimagine your office. Generic furniture brands produce unstable products that often need repairs. However, Arnold’s thrives on high-quality materials for long-lasting results. The days of settling for predetermined table sizes are in the past as we let you craft custom dimensions up to 60 feet long!

Our sales representatives are eager to help you find shapes, styles and finishes that suit your applications. Our woodgrain surfaces catch the eye and stand as decorative pieces for any conference room.

Tips for Designing Custom Boardroom Tables

Before placing an order for a boardroom table, we recommend taking measurements of the room where the furniture will sit. Placing a boardroom table in the center of a conference room is effective for maximum seating. Note that department numbers and how many attendees you expert to have regularly will influence the length of your table.

Make sure to account for elbow space as well as room to navigate around the table. Your employees will feel more comfortable if they can enter and exit freely. Make sure that your custom table dimensions will complement the use of computer monitors, projection screens and audiovisual technology if applicable.

Why Get a Sunline Boardroom Table?

Custom Sunline boardroom tables boost efficiency and organization practices across the workplace. Our team allows you to establish dedicated places for meeting with superiors, clients and even new hires for the organization. When you need to step into a separate room for decision-making, creativity or sharing reports, our boardroom tables are ready with a professional appearance.

Arnold’s Office Furniture sets you up for repeat success with a sales team available 24/7. If you have questions about measuring for a table, we’ll steer you in the right direction. All of our Sunline products undergo a detailed review process before delivery to assure orders arrive in the correct size, finish and quantity.

Arnold’s Delivery and Installation Services

Arnold’s Office Furniture goes above and beyond the competition with quick fulfillment and exceptional customer service. We are proud to deliver nationwide, and custom boardroom tables operate around a 75-day lead time. We examine all finished products to ensure they comply with our safety and stability requirements.

Consider adding our installation services to your order before checkout. Boardroom tables can be heavy-duty structures based on selection, so our technicians will assemble orders for an additional fee. Our white glove delivery package is great for bulk orders as we take care of the lifting and let you focus on growing your business.

Contact Arnold’s for Custom Boardroom Tables

When your company is expanding, look no further than Arnolds for new office furniture. We have over 90 years of experience in the industry and bring customers standard and custom pieces to enhance company culture. Browse our online store today, and remember to pair your table with a set of office chairs for your next meeting.

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