Office Furniture: Fully Assembled or Assembly Required?

When it comes to buying office furniture, you have tons of choices. Which style appeals to you? What’s the perfect price point? How long do you need your furniture to last, and what must it be able to withstand in terms of wear and tear?

And then there’s our favorite question: Should you buy your office furniture already fully assembled, or “some assembly required?” Here are the pros and cons of each type of office furniture assembly.

Assembly Required:


– Office furniture that comes in pieces is often easier to transport. It’s the difference between carrying one of those flat-packs from IKEA up four flights of stairs and carrying a giant, three-dimensional behemoth of a desk. If you’re looking for home office furniture, and have to move it yourself, sometimes assembly required is best. (Unless you work with a nice place like, ahem, Arnolds, and then you can have your furniture delivered.)

– It’s often cheaper.


– Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Cheaper furniture that you assemble yourself is often less sturdy — which might not turn out to be so cheap in the long run, if you have to keep replacing it.

– You have to, you know, assemble it. Anyone who’s ever put together their new desk chair only to find a handful of leftover bolts and nuts knows what we’re talking about.

Fully Assembled:

We rarely deliver via donkey.
We rarely deliver via donkey.


– Small doorway? Narrow stairs? Tall building, with no professional movers on hand to leap it in a single bound? You might wish you had opted for assembly required.

– Occasionally, more expensive.


– Durablility. Fully-assembled office furniture generally stands up to the test of time.

– Often more pleasing to the eye

– If you go with a company like Arnolds Office Furniture, you might pay less for fully-assembled office furniture than you would have for that cardboard, assembly-required stuff — but no one who looks at your shiny new office gear will ever know the difference. Arnolds will even deliver your furniture right to your door and install it in your office. Plus, we have experts who can help you plan and design your space to avoid that old problem of the giant furniture and the tiny doorway. Contact us today to see what we can do for your office.

Images: viralbus/Flickr, byrdiegyrl/Flickr