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Collaborative Space Design

Collaboration is the bedrock of any excellent team, and the comfortability of your office space significantly impacts employee comfort and communication. Arnold’s Office Furniture imagined this collaborative workspace layout to help you visualize how collaborative space design can transform an area from a boring or nonproductive environment into a welcoming, efficient workspace.

Collaborative spaces focus on an open floor plan that invites team members and managers to connect without major barriers or hierarchies that stop clear communication. 

The Power of the Collaborative Workspace Design 

A collaborative workspace is where colleagues come to meet and greet. The bonding process often happens around inviting seating that encourages employees to pull up a chair, discuss the inner workings of the office and brainstorm the next project. You can create and encourage this process with seating and table options from Arnold’s Office Furniture Today. 

Furniture Used in Our Collaborative Space Design Concept 

We used several chair options to build a collaborative space in this premium concept from our designers: 

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