CarynHealth Solutions

6'x6',4'x2',5'x2' 53" High and 8'x6' 65" High Sunline Cubicles

Alpharetta, GA

CarynHealth Solutions, which is known for providing innovative technology to simplify delivery of healthcare services, recently had 24 of our Sunline cubicles installed along with chairs, desks, and conference tables in their Alpharetta, GA location.

When we asked Jason, Director of Finance and Accounting at CarynHealth, why they chose Arnold’s verse another office furniture company, they simply said because of “Amanda. He knew he didn’t have to go elsewhere after meeting with her.” At Arnold’s, our Sales Representatives provide top notch service which is what Amanda did with Jason. Amanda and our design team worked closely with Jason throughout the whole process providing a “quick and efficient” turnaround time. Our design team “knew what to ask for before issues came up and were able to change the dimensions of one of the workspaces without delay.”


When it came to delivery and installation, it was a “smooth and efficient” process. The communication between the customer and our team was “excellent all around teamwork. Kate made the whole process smooth and easy for us.”

Jason was “very happy and will do business again” with Arnolds!


Company Size: 40 employees

Industry: Healthcare