Since B&W Tek’s establishment in 1997, it has grown into an industry-leading, total solutions provider combining their core technologies with custom design and manufacturing capabilities. They provide solutions for the pharmaceutical, biomedical, physical, chemical, safety, security and research communities, while delivering lab quality solutions through user-friendly mobile platforms. Their commitment to innovative solutions has made B&W Tek a leader in Raman spectroscopy solutions worldwide. B&W Tek is not only committed to innovative solutions, but they are also committed to their customers.

When Tom, General Manager of B&W Tek, and Everett, Quality Control Technician, asked visitors to comment on the work environment, there was a lot of negative feedback. With the negative comments, they knew a change had to be made. A change that involved Arnold’s Office Furniture.

The original office featured bland cubicles with 6’ high walls that made employees feel alone. Tom described the office as “A sea of old 20 year old cubicles and bad carpet.” Not only were the cubicles 20 years old, but they were never installed correctly or ever repaired. Enough was enough for B&W Tek.


B&W Tek Case Notesimageedit_1_7831053737Tom- “We decided to upgrade the office and that was for two reasons: health and welfare of our employees was number one. And number two was to give us a more conducive environment for communication, and for doing business in here. And then it was also to give us more of a professional look for the customers and clients that we were going to bring into our office – so that’s why we upgraded the facility.”

When B&W Tek start planning their renovations, the first step was installing new carpets and new LED lighting to brighten the facility. Once step one was complete, they shopped around to various office furniture suppliers for the rest of the project. B&W Tek knew they wanted a company who provided quality office furniture at an outstanding price. When they came across Arnold’s they knew we were an excellent fit for their standards.

Before B&W Tek even looked at the products Arnold’s had to offer, they had made their decision to go with Arnold’s.

Tom – “Now Arnold’s, the service we got from Arnold’s of course was ya know, a design of a drawing. A drawing that we were able to work from and able to manipulate and make changes to.”


Arnold’s began working on the project as soon as the furniture floor plan layout was approved by all parties. The 66 workstations B&W Tek chose was recently liquidated from a large Chase Bank in Northern Jersey, which B&W Tek was able to secure with a modest deposit. The 66 workstations consisted of 52 Steelcase Montage Wood Trim workstations, 10 Steelcase Montage Hi/Lo open plan system workstations, and 4 Steelcase L-Shaped Maple EE. In addition to these cubicles, B&W Tek also purchased a 20’ Espresso Laminate boardroom table with four power ports, a 12’ Espresso Laminate conference table with two power ports, 3 semi-round cherry tables and 20 Steelcase 5-drawer lateral files.


Arnold’s likes to break down projects into Phases so employees can continue work in one part of the building, while the installation crew completes another section of the building. This strategy worked like a charm for B&W Tek – in their case two Phases. Arnold’s Operation Manager, Erik, gave Tom and Everett great scheduling advice – regarding their new carpets, new lighting, electricity, and general clean-up. The agreed upon strategy was to begin installation of Phase I on Tuesday, July 5th. Phase I comprised of 22 cubicles and lasted about 3 days – completed on Thursday, July 7th, with cleanup on Friday, July 8th.

B&W Tek
B&W Tek

Tom – “Phase I went like clockwork! They left and we all went holy mackerel it’s all done, that was smooth! It’s slick, it looks awesome!”

Everett – “Oh man we couldn’t believe it!”

Phase II began ten days later. During Phase II, B&W TekB&W Tek wanted to remodel their blueprint. Project Manager, Dave Downey, drove two hours to the site and gave Tom and Everett some strategic advice that helped B&W Tek stay within their budget.

Everett – “Dave came here. There was actually a big change in the blueprint. He came in and pulled all our wishes together and made it happen.”

Even though Phase II was happening, that didn’t mean B&W Tek employees weren’t working.  Some shifting moved key employees into Phase I where the engineers were, then the engineers moved into the production area, and the sales and application employees moved into the building that B&W Tek owned right next door.  When Phase II was complete, all that we were left with were happy customers.


Everett – “Our goal was to have this project completed by August 1st, and that goal was met. For me to come to Brandon and his team and tell them that they were with me and appreciated it. They came in on a Saturday and we got here around 8 AM and they didn’t stop until it was finished.”

Tom – “The staff of Arnold’s was very communicative. They did a great job in keeping us up to speed. The price fell in line with what we expected and what our budget would be as well. We feel that the environment is brand new even though these are refurbished cubicles. That just gives us a good feeling.“

B&W Tek B&W TekTom and Everett continued to express how everything turned out the way they wanted. Not only were the employees impressed and excited about the workstations, but B&W Tek’s clients were blown away and very impressed the next time they walked through the doors.

Improving their work environment immediately improved the office culture. As Tom stated, “People being happy … it has given us a more professional feel. You’re able to see and talk to each other … and do work … and look over the wall!”

Arnold’s is extremely grateful for the wonderful feedback that we received from B&W Tek! We hope to work with them again as they continue to expand.

Photos of the Case Study Layout
Photos of the Case Study Layout
Photos of the Case Study Layout
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