5 Best Types of Office Furniture for Small Spaces

Time isn’t the only thing that costs money. Space — specifically square footage — costs companies a pretty penny as well. No wonder that many organizations are trying to make do with the smallest amount of space possible. The trick is to find office furniture for small spaces that will make it easier to keep workers productive and happy with less room to roam around. Here are some pieces that can help.

1. Desk With Built-In Shelves



It’s no surprise that the first item on our list is from IKEA, beloved purveyor of everything cheap and space-saving. The Expedit furniture line offers several inexpensive solutions for tight spaces, including this tiny desk with built-in shelves that allows you to save space without sacrificing on organization and efficiency.

2. The Corner Desk


Don’t waste that corner — use it! Corner desks hold a lot more storage than you would expect, and enable you to use every part of your office space. Plus, they’re pretty cute and offer an illusion of privacy that workers don’t get when they toil away at a regular desk in the middle of the room. Overstock.com has a variety of corner desks to choose from.

3. Tiny, But Traditional



Again, we have our friends at IKEA to thank for this little wonder, which looks like something you’d see in a banker’s office, but takes up way less room than those giant monster desks of yore. The pull-out drawer even makes this easy to retrofit for keyboards, providing a functional blend of traditional and modern.

4. Modular L-Shaped Desk


If you need more storage than a tiny desk will provide, the L-shaped desk allows you to have everything you need right at your fingertips without taking up too much room. This one is from West Elm and includes an under-the-desk filing cabinet for extra storage.

5. The Repurposed Magazine Table

OFFI furniture-Mag, Skool, Kapsule, Yoodo, Scary Fish

Of course, if you’re really dealing with a tiny amount of space, the solution might be to use a piece of furniture for a new purpose. Thanks to the always-amazing Apartment Therapy, we know now that this bedside table from Offi can be used as an impromptu — and very contemporary-looking — laptop stand. If you have a flexible space, like an open plan office design, you might want to consider one of these clever solutions.