11 Cubicle Decorating Ideas for 4th of July

Summer holidays might scream fun and sun for school kids and retirees. But for most of us, it means being stuck inside our drab office cubicles with nary a bit of sun or fun to be found.

July 4th falls on a Wednesday this year, which means if you’re going to celebrate your independence and the great American way, you’re going to have to do it in the confines of your fluorescent-lit office. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make work a little more festive. We rounded up some amazing red, white and blue decorations to make your cubicle explode with patriotism.

Now just get someone else to bring the apple pie.

1. Eureka Patriotic Deco Kit
Borrow a page from your third grade teacher’s decorating style with these patriotic cardboard decals. Pin them to your cubicle walls and remind your co-workers that Independence Day isn’t just about fireworks and beer – it’s also about old white guys with unique choices in personal grooming. $6.46 on Amazon.com.

2. Wall Eagle Plaque
If cheesy red, white and blue decor isn’t your style, but you still want to show you love the old U.S. of A. in your cubicle, make Ron Swanson proud and pick up this uber-classy eagle plaque. $130.13 on Amazon.com

3. Patriotic Dizzy Danglers
No holiday decorating is complete without something shiny that dangles from the ceiling. So grab your Dizzy Danglers, climb on your desk, and let the stars rain down over your patriotic workspace. $5.49 on amazon.com.

4. Patriotic Couple Stand-in
If your co-workers need to take themselves a little less seriously, add a little carnivalesque fun to the break room with this photo-opportunity in the making. Post the results on the bulletin board and get laughs long after the fireworks have fizzled. $49.99 on OrientalTrading.com

5. American Flag Door Cover
If you’re lucky enough to have an office with an actual door, then take advantage of your high status this July 4th with this giant, door-ready flag. For added fun, play a recording of the National Anthem and watch as your co-workers stand to salute you … errr … your office. $4.79 on ShinDigz.com

6. Americana Bunting
Festoon your cubicle with this patriotic bunting and your co-workers might start looking for the parade down Main Street. $6.99 on ShinDigz.com

7. Red, White and Blue Metallic Foil Curtain
You’ve always been nostalgic about your junior year prom and you love the 4th. So why not combine both of your favorite things with a fun foil curtain?
$4.99 on ShinDigz.com

8. Inflatable Patriotic Cooler
OK – bringing a giant inflatable red, white and blue cooler to work might be a little over-the-top – but hey isn’t that the American way? Your co-workers will be happy to overlook the fact that your cooler is blocking the aisle if you stock it with their favorite beverages (non-alcoholic, of course). $16.99 at Target.com

9. Star Berry Wreath
If you’re a little less Clark Griswold and a little more Martha Stewart, then skip the inflatable cooler and show your patriotism with this sweet little homage to America. You’ll win subtlety points from the boss while showing off your great taste. $14.99 at Target.com

10. Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam Bobble Heads
No bobble head collection is complete without Lady Liberty and good old Uncle Sam on display. And what better time to show off your new oversize-headed knickknacks then on Independence Day? $14.99 on Overstock.com

11. George Washington Wig Collar
Be your own patriotic cubicle decoration with this easy-breezy Founding Father costume. You’ll get a George Washington wig and collar (wooden teeth not included) to inspire and amuse your co-workers. $9 on PrankPlace.com