10 Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas For Your Office Cubicle

We won’t lie: The best part of Thanksgiving is definitely the part where you get to eat pie until it comes out of your ears. The second best part, however, is having an excuse to decorate your office cubicle with something more than just the unfiled paperwork that you’ve been ignoring since last Turkey Day. Here are 10 ways to do just that.

1. Thanksgiving Signs

This is probably the absolute easiest way to decorate your cubicle. It’s a two-step process, basically: step 1: buy a sign; step 2: Hang the sign. And you’re done.

2. You Can Never Have Too Many Gourds

Gourds are the gateway drug of cubicle decoration. You start out with just one — a mini pumpkin, maybe, or one of those spotted green gourds that looks like a Hanna-Barbara character with a skin condition. Before you know it, you have to type out in the hallway because you have 47 decorative bowls full of gourds and nowhere to put your laptop.

3. Live Turkeys

Nothing says Thanksgiving like turkeys, and while some people prefer to rely on artistic representations based on the outline of their hands, we always vote for authenticity. Note: If you do this, you will totally be fired. Also, there might be some kind of problem with ASPCA, we’re not sure.

4. Fake Turkeys

This is probably a safer bet for folks who want a turkey-themed cubicle without the muss, fuss, feathers, turkey poo, and possible jail time involved in stuffing a cubicle full of turkeys. If you get enough of these and put them in a friend’s cubicle during his lunch break, you’ll also get all of the shock value of live birds.

5. Turkey Lights

OK, last turkey thing, we promise. But wouldn’t your cubicle look so much better with a couple of strings of turkey-shaped lights? It totally would.

6. A Million Things With Pilgrims on Them

If you’re looking for pilgrim-themed decorations, you are in luck: We did a tally, and there are at least 27 bazillion things with pilgrims on them, for sale on the internet right now. You can probably fit about 30 of them in your cubicle before your neighbors call HR and ask for an intervention.

7. Pie-Shaped Candles

Yes, you read that correctly. These are candles, shaped like little slices of pie. These should actually be in your cubicle all year round.

8. Cranberries

Actual cranberry sauce always seems like a waste of time. Why eat cranberry sauce when you can stuff your face with meat and carbs? Fake cranberries, on the other hand, make great cubicle decorations.

9. A Dining Room

We’ve always liked the look of cubicles with faux wallpaper on them, but we never knew why until right now. It’s because they look like tiny little dining rooms. Look at this picture and tell us that you don’t think the third course is on its way.

10. Family Photos

Of course, Thanksgiving is about more than turkey and pie. It’s also about your family, who might be persuaded to provide you with turkey and pie. So hang up some pictures of them. You know you’ve been meaning to frame those photos anyway.

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