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How Your Business Can Benefit From Office Window Tinting

Setting up an office which is just right for you and your colleagues can be demanding. It usually takes time after you first move in to realize what faults it has. Since you are generally primarily concerned with the layout, décor and the furniture, the windows are often left with no more than plain blinds. The article below can help you predict some of the issues you may encounter along the way and provide solutions for fixing them by using a window tinting treatment.

Privacy concerns

New-age offices are looking into ways of improving their productivity through interior décor. It is not rare that they choose to have an open floor plan in order to boost interaction between their employees. However, there are still those places and parts of offices which need some privacy and window tinting is a perfect way of achieving that. You can tint a glass wall and avoid adding an actual wall and thus disrupting the layout and the scale of entire office space. You can do the same if your office windows are visible from the street you are on, or from a window of a neighboring building.

The aesthetic value

Not only that it can block curious looks, but it can add to the overall visual effect of your office. There are colors and patterns you can use as a unique form of window art. Also, different colors could let the light through different ways and create moods for certain parts of the office. For example, they could help you keep an appearance of a sunny day within your office on an actual gloomy day.

Security and safety

As with many other things, prevention is a good place to start securing your office. Protect your assets by not advertising them. The chances are that without having an opportunity to see your assets thieves won’t even know you are there, let alone whether there is anything in there worth stealing. Another good feature is that the tint could provide some safety as it will keep the glass from shattering in case of an explosion or extreme weather conditions.

Stop Sun damage and glare

If you have an office where a majority of workers use a computer, and most of them do nowadays, you know how much of an issue glare can cause. Glare can often be very tiring as your workers could strain their eyes in order tosee what’s on their screen with the sun beaming directly at it. Another common occurrence is damage to your assets which have been exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. They tend to lose color in the areas which are directly exposed.

Heat protection

About 90% of heat energy coming from the sun manages to find its way into your office building. Once in, the heat is trapped and as a result, the air in the room is also heated. Window tinting can cut that percentage down by 50% and still allow you to have sunlight, only with the reduction of heat. If you want to make sure no heat comes through, Oztech awnings retailer advises that you will have to add an external shading on top of the existing window treatment. Awnings may be just the right thing as they do not take up much space and can be lifted when needed.

A money-saver

Generally, window tinting can help you reduce energy losses by regulating climate. It will help keep the heat inside during the winter, and keep the air circulating during the summer. The amount you save will be in proportion to the size of your office space and the surface of windows covered with tint. If you have already invested in an energy-efficient office, this will be another step adding to the efforts. You will not spend the energy on cooling during hot days or heating when it is cold outside.

From what you were just able to read, you can conclude that window tinting is essentially adding another layer of insulation to your office walls, that is, windows. Not only that it functions as insulation but it can also double as a privacy screen and décor when needed.

Thank you Hannah Thomas for sharing the benefits of having tinted windows in an office!

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