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When Sports Fans Go Too Far at the Office

If you work in Boston or Vancouver, you probably saw plenty of hockey-themed cubicle decorations recently. But even when the Stanley Cup isn’t at stake, lots of offices take sports-inspired decorating pretty seriously. Occasionally, too seriously. Here are some of our favorite over-the-top sports themed cubes.

1. The Guy Who Has an Excuse
Does this seem like too many bobbleheads for one office? What if we tell you the bobblehead collector is MLB Advanced Media CEO Bob Bowman? No, you’re right. It’s still a lot of bobble.

2. Serious Fans Aren’t Afraid to Cry
Honesty compels us to admit that this picture of a Washington Redskins tissue box is not from an actual office. It is, however, a real product that you can purchase and put in your real office. We would be shocked by this, but we once knew a Red Sox fan who stocked his bathroom solely with Yankees toilet paper, so anything is possible.

3. If It’s on ESPN2, It’s a Sport, Right?
We’re not saying we would worry about someone with this cubicle, but … OK, look, we’d worry, all right? Also, we would not want to take a business trip to Vegas with this person. Either they would whup our butts at craps, or we’d wind up having to bail them out of hoosegow. One way or the other, we’re losing money.

4. Cheeseheads Make Other Fans Look Like Amateurs
You know you’re serious about your sports fandom when you eschew giant foam rubber hats shaped like a wedge of cheese, and then leave that faux piece of cheese on your cubicle wall for your coworkers to enjoy.

5. The Ultimate Bruins Office
Our favorite thing about this office is that it belongs to a Montreal Canadiens fan. The whole scheme was a prank perpetuated by Kelly Park on his CFO. Post-prank, Mr. Park and his coworkers voluntarily stayed after work to redecorate, and the boss took it pretty well. (Witness the smile as he holds up his Mr. Bill doll, now proudly wearing Bruins tee.)

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