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What Type of Office Best Suits Your Personality?

Not everyone is suited for life in a cubicle, which is why workspace is definitely not one-size-fits-all.

Different types of employees thrive in different types of work environments — whether it’s a noisy, collaborative open office or a more quiet space with partitions.

When you set out to find the type of job that suits you best, it’s important to consider the office you’ll be working in.

Take the quiz below to determine what type of office fits your personality.

1. How much do your coworkers know about your life outside the office?
A. My life is an open book. I love telling people about everything from what I ate for lunch (Hot Pocket!) to how much I hate public restrooms (icky faucets!) to how many Jell-o shooters I drank last weekend (five!).
B. I’ll share funny stories about my cats when people ask about my cat-shaped coffee mug, cat mouse pad, and various cat posters and I talk about books with a couple of colleagues, but mostly I keep to myself.
C. I like to go out for walks during my lunch breaks and if any of my coworkers join me, I’ll talk to them about what they did over the weekend or vacation plans — nothing too meaningful. I probably don’t sit still long enough for folks to really get to know me.
D. I like to keep my work and private life totally separate. In fact, even knowing that I’m married with children is too much information.

2. How do you react to your coworker’s messy desks?
A. A messy desk doesn’t bother me — I’m kind of clutter-prone myself.
B. Messes aren’t a big deal — as long as they don’t spill over onto my desk. I like my workspace to be tidy.
C. I like to change up where I’m working every day. On days I don’t want to be around a mess, I move!
D. Not only do I like my desk to be spic-and-span, I really don’t like to be near people who are messy. I don’t think it creates a good company image.

3. How well can you work with background noise?
A. I hate working in places that are too quiet — that’s why I never studied in the library during college. I definitely like to have background chatter when I’m working.
B. I don’t mind some noise, but I prefer a quiet work environment. I keep noise-canceling headphones in my desk for when my coworkers get too loud.
C. It depends on what I’m doing. If I’m working on a tight deadline, I like to find a quiet spot to work, but if I’m brainstorming or doing any creative thinking, it’s nice to be around other people. I’m flexible!
D. I can’t concentrate at all when there are phones ringing and people talking too loud. I like a very zen work environment.

4. How do you feel about teamwork?
A. I love working with my coworkers on projects — in fact, even when I’m not involved in a specific project, I love listening in on conversations near me and sharing ideas.
B. I’m not the biggest fan of group projects (I always feel like I get stuck with all the grunt work) but I try to be a good sport.
C. I don’t mind teamwork, but I’m pretty independent and can be kind of a loner at times, so I don’t really get involved in a lot of collaborative efforts at work.
D. I think teamwork is important for the success of any company, but unless there’s a strong leader (someone like me, for instance) and a clear objective, I think group work can waste time.

5. How do you spend your free time?
A. I’m always out with friends — whether we’re taking a ballroom dancing class or playing flag football. I like being around people and staying active.
B. I enjoy reading and gardening. I’m a member of a book club that meets monthly, but other than that I kind of enjoy my alone time.
C. I like getting together with a couple of buddies and riding the trails on my mountain bike or rock climbing.
D. I often come into work on my days off because I find I can get a lot done with few interruptions.

If you answered with …
Mostly A’s: You’ll thrive in an office with an open floor plan. You’re a social butterfly who feeds off of other people’s energy, and a workspace without boundaries where ideas flow freely will suit your strengths best. Just be careful not to spend more time chatting with your colleagues than doing actual work.

Mostly B’s: While you like your personal space and a more structured work environment, you also enjoy being around others from time to time. Look for an office with traditional cubicles, which will give you some of the privacy you need without totally isolating you.

Mostly C’s: You’re active and independent and the last thing you want is to be chained to a desk all day. Look for a job with a mobile office that allows you to move around – whether that means working from home, at the local coffee shop or on the road.

Mostly D’s: You’re hardworking, independent and driven. You’d much rather be the one in charge of the office than the person pushing paper with the rabble, so look for a job that lands you in the corner office.

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