What Are the Different Parts of a Desk Called?  

If you’re considering investing in some new desks, you may be wondering what components of a desk you need. There are multiple parts of an office desk you can use for different applications. Take a look at the desk parts and components guide from Arnold’s to help you set up the right option for your needs. We’ll cover some key desk terminology so you can identify the features you want for your setup.

1. Credenza

The credenza is a free-standing structure that matches the office desk and offers occupants extra storage or surface space. It’s a great place to store a secondary project or get additional workspace.

2. Return

The return part is a narrower section attached to the main structure that helps create a U- or L-shaped surface. The return offers more work surface space or room to keep a computer monitor. Some desk designs may include drawers or other storage options under the work surface of the return.


3. Bridge

The bridge connects the credenza and the central part of the desk. It provides a unified U-shaped surface for maximum workspace. When you include a bridge with your desk, you’ll get the most workspace possible from your office furniture.

The bridge’s position also determines whether you’re using a right or left desk. You may opt for a desk with a left or right bridge to make setup easier based on your office layout.

4. Hutch

The hutch is located behind the main desktop and serves as a backing for the desk. It can offer additional space and includes options for storage above and below the desktop. Whether you opt for a wall-mounted or free-standing hutch, you’ll get multiple options for drawers and shelving to store supplies you want readily on hand.

Get the Right Desk From Arnold’s Office Furniture

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Get the Right Desk From Arnold's Office Furniture