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Watch ‘Stomp’ Using Office Furniture

We know how much the average office worker appreciates being informed about what could be a potential internet meme and we think we have a contender. Behold “Stomp” using office furniture:

Sure, it might seem a little dull. The volume could be punched up on those water jugs, and how is it that a stapler (such a naturally percussive instrument) wasn’t incorporated? Plus, and we admit we’re a little biased here, but office furniture was totally underused. There’s a guy throwing a chair around a bit, but what about some slamming filing cabinet drawers or someone dancing on their desk? And who has an office door anymore?

We do love the silliness the video inspires, especially the guy picking up the trash he so gleefully dumped on the floor and the sweet moves displayed by the lady with the water jugs. But we need a little more noise. And a little more funk.

Regardless of the fact that we think this version of Office Stomp is a little too safe, it seems to be gaining some viral steam.

It was spotted on and the and seems to be gaining traction.

The video has had almost 8,700 page views since it was posted June 12. The founders of Stomp themselves, Stomp NYC, commented on YouTube, “Don’t think this was going to go unnoticed. We loved this! #StompApproved!”

Another commenter questioned whether it would be the next Harlem Shake (in case you’ve been living in a remote Siberian cave for the past year see this, this and this).

We’d actually love to see some more extreme versions of office stomp (with better use of office furniture, of course).

In the meantime, we’ll enjoy re-watching some of our favorite YouTube videos featuring office furniture, like this one where office pranksters went as far as to build a whole wall to confuse and befuddle their co-workers and another one where an office is hidden with the power of drywall. We also love this one: One of the largest scale office newspapering pranks we’ve ever seen.

We’ve all seen office chair racing, but have you seen synchronized office chair dancing? Or office chair rowing? What about cubicle hurdling?

It seems there’s a whole underground movement of office furniture shenanigans attempting to make our workaday life a little less tedious. We just hope everyone’s boss is cool with employees building catapults out of mousetraps.

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