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Trend Watch: Biophilic Design

Over the last few years, more and more companies are turning towards an innovative concept for their office spaces – Biophilic Design.

To understand Biophilic Design, we must first understand Biophilia. Biophilia refers to the theory that by nature, humans have an instinctual bond with other living things like plants and animals. Biophilic Design seeks to bridge that relationship in environments like offices.

3 Main Benefits of a Biophilic Office:

  1. Studies have shown that Biophilic work environments yield higher productivity rates and long-term profit increases.
  2. Employees in a Biophilic work environment report a greater sense of health and overall well-being. Plants naturally purify air, as well as collect dust and other allergens. Green environments have also shown to regulate the temperature in closed rooms.
  3. By building around nature, offices decrease their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Many regard Biophilic Design as a luxury. The truth of the matter is that incorporating Biophilic Design into your office requires very few upfront costs. 

Key Features of Biophilic Design You Can Incorporate Into Your Workplace:

  • Add plants, shrubs and trees around the office or in individual cubicles.
  • Plant trees and other reminders of nature outside the building.
  • Install windows, as well as skylights, with views overlooking the natural landscape.
  • Opt for natural lighting or a combination of natural and conventional lighting during the day.
  • Rearrange the office so employees are closer to the windows.
  • Have a presence of water, such as a fountain or aquarium in reception areas or where convenient.

Integrating nature into your workplace doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal. With a few changes, such as adding plants or rearranging cubicles, any office can be a Biophilic paradise.

Photo credit: William McDonough + Partners and D/DOCK / Source

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