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Top 7 Cubicle Sneak Attacks

Office life can get kind of tiresome day after day. So it’s up to you to liven things up. Here are a few mild-mannered office employees who decided things were a little too quiet out there in cubicle land.

Hide and Seek

In the realm of office pranking, going the sweet and simple route can often have the biggest payoff. Case in point: Hanging out under your unsuspecting co-worker’s desk. Just try not to fall asleep.

Disaster Waiting to Happen

Here’s an example of an office that would clearly benefit from some cubicle walls. Making everyone work around a giant table like a white collar version of the world’s most dysfunctional Thanksgiving dinner is clearly a recipe for disaster. Throw in the most annoying phone ringing incessantly and a desk mate with some sort of paperball-throwing compulsion, it’s amazing more people weren’t leaping across their desk for a little co-worker throwdown. You have to admire how the rest of the crew just keeps on working.

Don’t Open That Link!

We’ve all had co-workers who think it’s their job to send you every single quasi-amusing video of cats falling off counters they come across or every e-mail chain promising you the best day of your life ever if you just forward it to your 50 closest friends within the next 15 seconds. We’re guessing this poor woman’s co-worker thought a little payback was in order. If you go this route, do your serial e-mailer a small favor and throw some pillows on the floor before hitting “send.”

Snap Attack

We’re not sure where one would acquire such a large rubber band, or what it would be used for at the office (holding together five years worth of personnel files?) We are sure, however, that it left a mark. Which is why we don’t advocate using giant rubber bands for evil.

Bouncing Off the (Cubicle) Walls

This video and the two that follow have taught us a couple things. 1. That when given the right task, the average employee can be extremely creative and industrious. 2. The average employee doesn’t have enough work to do. The fact that this guy didn’t seem to surprised to have 400 bouncy balls fall on his head suggests to us that this sort of thing has happened before.

Air Horn Chair

We know. We had you at “Air Horn Chair.” We’re not sure why air horns were invented in the first place, but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t for this purpose. We also think this is another example of the harmful side effects of drinking Red Bull (see the can on the one guy’s desk?) Maybe if he hadn’t downed it before making his air horn chair, he wouldn’t have had to try so hard to play it cool.

That’s Water Under the Desk
We’ll never know what this guy did to deserve getting hosed down in this manner. Did he steal someone’s chicken salad sandwich from the office fridge? Does he have an annoying throat-clearing habit that finally drove one of those pranksters off the edge? So many possibilities.

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