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Think YOUR Office Is Small? Not After You See These!

Sometimes you don’t get the huge corner office with the water views. Sometimes you don’t even get the tiny cubicle parked next to the water cooler. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you just get a closet.

We rounded up a few of the world’s smallest offices as a reminder that you don’t really have it so bad, after all. At least you have room on your desk for a keyboard and a Venti latte; these guys are lucky to be able to squeeze an extra paperclip on their work surfaces.

File Cabinet Desk
While we admire this person for maximizing the file cabinet’s usefulness by turning it into a desk (not to mention for sprucing it up with a nice potted plant), we have to wonder where his or her legs go.
Photo courtesy of JoshNunn on Flickr

The Hole

This little slice of workspace hell is brought to you by that weird little hallway in your basement. We’re thinking that golden piggy bank (top shelf on the right) could be used to save for a bigger house.
Photo courtesy of Rob Dudley on Flickr

Crate & Carrel
From this desk, which is actually a repurposed crate with a piece of baseboard attached, Barb McMahon blogs on the aptly named She stores all of her paper supplies in the old medicine cabinet hanging above. Resourceful and small – the chipmunk of office denizens.
Photo courtesy of Barb McMahon on Flickr

Post Office
It appears the U.S. government rented out an old utility closet and made the country’s smallest branch of the U.S. Postal Service. No wonder mailmen go crazy.
Photo courtesy of floodllama on Flickr

Wardrobe Office
This industrious new dad decided to maximize his kid’s play space while minimizing his basement office by hiding it in an Ikea wardrobe closet. The keyboard tray is a drawer normally used to store ties or belts. Great thinking!
Photo courtesy of Adam Selwood on Flickr

Closet Office
On the upside, this person has an office with a window. On the downside, that window is in a tiny closet. At least there are very few distractions in here – plus no annoying co-workers.
Photo courtesy of ilamont on Flickr

Down the Tube
The caption for this photo on Flickr was “James in his Tube Carriage office,” which leads us to believe that James either likes trains a lot or that the British transit authority doesn’t do enough to clear out its cars after the last stop.
Photo courtesy of Annie Mole on Flickr

If you, too, get stuck in the world’s smallest office, there are a few things you can do to maximize your space, as evidenced by this super-duper organizer:

Photo courtesy of Joyful Lova on Flickr

Here are some tips for making the most of your little office (and making it totally adorable in the process):

Ditch the clutter: Store anything you don’t use on a daily basis somewhere else and stay on top of clearing out papers and documents you no longer need. Keep a shredder nearby. Limit the number of knic knacks or momentos – they take up valuable real estate!

A place for everything: Organization is key when working in small spaces – so create a spot for all your must-have items and make sure to put them back where they belong every time. Use trays or expandable folders to organize different types of paperwork. Find compartmentalized inserts for drawers to organize paper clips, staplers and writing utensils. Make sure to label anything stored in boxes or baskets so they’ll be easier to find.

Think vertically: Use taller file cabinets and shelving for storage. Use peg boards or cork boards to hang items like calendars, folders and business cards. Put your most-used items on easy-to-reach shelves. Rarely-used and lighter items can go higher up and heavier items can go towards the bottom.

No matter what you end up with, you can rest assured that your office is better than this one:

Photo courtesy of NBC

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