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The Latest Office Exercise Trend: Toilet Yoga

126171336Before we discuss the benefits of Toilet Yoga, it is very important to us that you know that this article explaining its benefits is entitled: “Toilet Yoga Brings Relief for Office Workers.” We couldn’t possibly let that go unmentioned. You are welcome.

Now for the bad news: Toilet Yoga does not involve doing downward facing dog over the actual toilet. Rather, it’s about grabbing a bit of Zen wherever you can … even if it’s in the can. (Sorry. We are so sorry.)

Yoga teacher Sarah Berry advises office workers to get a little stretching in whenever possible. As she rightly points out, you wouldn’t think of sitting on a plane for nine hours without stretching your legs now and then, but most of us sit at our desks for eight, nine, ten hours a day and never think twice about it. It’s no wonder that we’re curled into the fetal position even when standing.

To remedy this, Berry tells workers to stand in a toilet stall — or even just their office cubicle — and do side to side lunges. Then, she says, clasp your hands behind your back, bend forward, and raise your hands toward the ceiling. This “rinses out” the shoulders, something we sorely need after a long day of IMing our friends and reading the internet. Berry also recommends calf stretches, using that handy toilet stall for support.

She also says that one of the most important things you can do to get your energy flowing again is to just breathe.

“Many of us don’t realize how often we hold our breath (and simultaneously hunch up our shoulders) when we’re stressed or concentrating,” she says. “This is something I regularly see in yoga classes.”

Just don’t do those deep breathing exercises in the bathroom, or you’ll eclipse the guy who talks on his cell phone in the stall as the office bathroom weirdo.


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